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May 17

BritWres Chat – Southern Special

This weekend come two shows from one of the newest and oldest promotions in the South of England. Charman and Paul talk with IPW Owner Dan Edler, discussing IPW this year, who he sees a coming through the ranks in his training school, a preview of Saturday’s Royale Reward and plans for the future. We …

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May 10

BritWres Chat – FPW Special

With Future Pro Wrestling’s 2nd Anniversary Show on Sunday, where the first ever FPW Champion will be crowned, Charman and Paul talk with Matt Burden, co-owner of FPW to discuss how far the promotion have come, high points and low points and have an in-depth discussion of the Tournament quarter finals, with messages from Jimmy Havoc, …

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Apr 26

BritWres Chat – Pro Wrestling EVE Special

With their final show at the Delphi Centre this coming Saturday we have put together this Pro Wrestling EVE Special to look back at the last 3 years. We start off with an interview with the man behind EVE, Dann Read, who tells us how he got started and all about the company. We then …

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Apr 19

BritWres Chat – Melanie Price Special

In the latest hour long BritWres Chat interview special Paul had the pleasure to talk to “The It Girl” Melanie Price. A rarity in wrestling in that she is a very successful manager with a great wrestling mind. Topics include Futureshock Wrestling, influences, thoughts on women’s wrestling, the injury that sidelined her for 2 years and much more. …

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Apr 13

BritWres Chat – The Babyface Pitbull Special

In this hour long BritWres Chat Interview Special, Mark sits down for a chat with The Babyface Pitbull. Pitbull covers a range of topics and talks about (amongst other things) his cauliflower ears, his MMA career, who he thinks is the legit toughest guy in BritWres, the companies that he wrestles for, and what it’s …

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Apr 01

BritWres Chat – 3CW Special

We were lucky enough to sit down with Mike Groom, the promoter of 3 Count Wrestling, to talk about the upcoming Final 3CW show.  We talk about the history of the company, some stories of guys past and present, the 1PW involveemnt & more and then run through the card for the final show. Hope you …

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