Nov 29

New Generation Wrestling UK “5th Anniversary” DVD Review by Dave Bodymore



On July 6th 2013 New Generation Wrestling celebrated their 5th Anniversary with their 5th Anniversary show
at the Eastmount Centre in Hull. If you weren’t at the show then you should make every effort to take
advantage of NGW’s current 3 for £20 offer and purchase this event on DVD. The DVD starts with a really
good video package that highlights some of the companies key names in their 5 year history and shows an
video of them several years ago and then moves into a more recent video of them. This video then
transitions into a look at 2 of the key matches on the show. We get a short look at the actions that have
led to Nathan Cruz and Matt Myers facing off one more time and the main event title match between Mark
Haskins and El Ligero.

The opening match of the show is NGW crowd favourite Stixx facing Dave Mastiff. This match is a rematch of
the main event if the first ever NGW show 5 years ago ‘Revelations’. Both men put on an excellent
heavyweight match up to get the show started and the crowd are firmly behind Stixx all throughout the
match. Stixx doesn’t disappoint the NGW fans as Mastiff misses his huge cannonball splash in the corner
and hits Mastiff with a spear.

After the opening match we cut to the second video package which has promo’s from Dara Diablo and Caz
Crash edited together. These promo’s are both excellently delivered and explains the story behind this
match perfectly. If you don’t follow NGW you will still be able to understand the what has happened so far
and why Diablo and Crash are facing each other.

The Proven are the first to the ring and, despite his best efforts, Dara Diablo couldn’t stop the three
men from jumping him before he made it to the ring. As Diablo is rolled back into the ring it looks as if
the match is going to be over very quickly, but Diablo fights back and the two men put on a really good
fast paced match. Caz Crash emerged the victor after he hit Diablo with a steel chair whilst the referee
was distracted much to the anger of the watching NGW fans.

Following this match we cut to another video package that highlights the history that Nathan Cruz and Matt
Myers have with each other in NGW. The video details the recent fall of Nathan Cruz and the efforts of
Matt Myers to help his best friend return to his old self. The video ends with both men backstage about to
go to the ring for their match. Just as Cruz is about to go to the ring him and Myers acknowledge each
other with a friendly smile.

Cruz and Myers, both of whom have been at NGW since the beginning, create a real split in the crowd as
very clear dualling chants can be heard for 2 of NGW’s most prominent figures. Both men put on a solid
back and forth match with Cruz beginning to look like his old self. At times the old Showstealer shone
through as Cruz resorted to some dirty tricks. The match is interrupted before we are able to get a winner
as The Proven attack Myers and handcuff him to the ring post. The Proven then surround Nathan Cruz in the
ring and beat him down till he is left laid out in the middle of the ring. Caz Crash takes the microphone
and announces that this is Strike 2 as he introduces Rampage Brown to the ring. Brown hits two piledrivers
on Nathan Cruz and then puts him in a Crossface. After The Proven and Brown have left the ring NGW crew
members and management come to the ring to see to Cruz. At this point it is announced that an interval
will be taken so that Cruz can be seen to and taken to hospital and the Crew and management really aid
this angle as they show concern for Cruz in the ring.

After the interval we return to the action with an NGW contract match as Paul Ryker battled Ryu Kilik for
a spot on the NGW roster. Ryker appeared in the Destiny Rumble where he made a beeline for Stixx and made
it his mission to eliminate him. Whilst Ryker had been seen in an NGW ring once before, Ryu Kilik was a
completely new face to the NGW fans. Kilik quickly impressed the crowd with his fast paced, athletic in
ring style and he certainly looked the better fit for the NGW roster. Paul Ryker used his power to gain an
upper hand but as the referee was distracted Stixx pushed him whilst he was perched on the top rope. Ryker
lost his balance and landed in perfect position for Kilik to give him a top rope rana and gain the victory
with a quick roll-up. Victory for Kilik gains him a full time spot on the NGW roster and from the fans
reaction they will certainly be looking forward to seeing more of him.

The fifth match of the Anniversary show was a 2 on 1 handicap match as NGW Tag Team champions Team GB
faced Colossus Kennedy. Sam Bailey and Zack Gibson haven’t done much to endear themselves to the fans and
this match was no different as the two men used any method necessary to get a victory. Kennedy’s size did
afford him the upperhand on several occasions throughout the match, Gibson and Bailey flouted the rules to
ensure a victory for Team GB. As Zack Gibson held Kennedy in a top wristlock, Sam Bailey hit 3 superkicks
in a row to put the big man down for the pinfall.

And so with only one more match left on the show it was time for the NGW title Main Event between Mark
Haskins and El Ligero. Champion Haskins and Challenger Ligero put on the high quality back and forth match
up that we have come to expect from the two men. The major turning point in the match came when Ligero
superkicked Haskins, as he went for a second superkick Haskins pulled the ref in the way and then
retaliated with his own superkick to Ligero. This left all 3 men laid out and allowed former champion
Rampage Brown to come to the ring. It looked as though Brown had the new champion in his crosshairs, he
turned and attacked Ligero to the disgust of the crowd. The Proven quickly joined Brown and Haskins in the
ring to beat Ligero down and prevent him from winning the NGW title. Haskins hit the Made In Japan on
Ligero and Rampage Brown rolled the referee back into the ring and Haskins retained his title.

As the NGW founder and part owner Luke Ingomels got into the ring to announce the winner of the match
Rampage Brown grabbed him and hit a huge Samoan Drop on him. Caz Crash took the microphone and said that
there is an old saying “3 Strikes and you’re out”. He states that this was NGW’s 3rd strike and this new
faction would ensure that New Generation Wrestling was wiped out. He said that at Revelations the General
Manager of NGW would make himself known and that until then NGW was placed on standby. With this they
attack Ligero with the NGW sign before being chased off by Stixx and Dara Diablo to end the show.

Overall the show itself is very good with each match delivering and several really good storylines for
people to enjoy. The DVD quality itself is very good and the editing of the video packages into the show
itself is excellent. You can purchase the 5th Anniversary show for yourself by going to