Sep 20

BritWres Chat – WKD Special (Sam Bailey & Matt Taylor)











In what could be precariously described as an Interviews In Odd Situations special, Mark interviews both members of the final incarnation of WKD: Sam Bailey and Matt Taylor (D’Lyrium). The Odd Situation? There really aren’t any questions: Sam and Matt just go off on one and tell stories about the last 8ish years in British wrestling. In this bumper hour and half special, many things are discussed including their run as WKD,  one teenage promoter’s misfortune, Cyanide’s constant mocking of Babyface Pitbull, the difference between Sam Bailey’s hairdo when he’s working babyface or heel, and goodness knows what else! You don’t want to miss this banter filled special (which was recorded at about 3am on a school night!) that gets silly and controversial in a hurry!