Aug 22

Southside Speed King 2013 DVD Review – by Gareth Blinkhorn

A couple of weeks ago I was a Southside Virgin however I was lucky enough to get to the Big Bump Theory show. I thoroughly enjoyed the show live as I expected to do. From the reports on BritWresChat podcast and my chats with other Britwres fans I understood they put on great shows. Whilst there I decided to take a trip to the Merch Table (shout out to the Mech Table team), which was bamboozaling, Southside have more event DVDs and compilations that I have ever seen at a Britwres show. This is all credit to the team at Southside, they know how to capture their shows and get them out quick. At the show you get this dizzying array of DVDs with “two for” deals on them all, which made my job as a punter difficult. How did I choose only 2 or 4 or 6 from the collection? Well I managed to whittle it down however I had no problem choosing my starting DVD, it had to be SpeedKing 2013.

I had heard so much about SpeedKing from this year that it was an “Insta-Buy” when I saw it on the Merch Table. The Event is over 2 disks and I sat down towatch disk 1 and ended up watching the entire thing including 1 match twice but we shall come to that later). As has become normal for my reviews we are not here to discuss the quality of the matches more the production and value of the disk. From the outset the DVD artwork makes this release really stand out – I love the SpeedKing Logo they have used – a marked change from the usual DVD cover is the Event poster we see quite a lot. The 2 Disks inside the packaging are simple White label DVD-R with the title writ

ten on (a bit of a bugbear of mine but not the end of the world as on your self you see the case). Going past the physical the content of the DVD is very good. Particularly the graphics for the wrestlers entrance stood out added to the whole event. The sound was also well balanced and the commentary was captured well. Nigel McGuinness was on commentary and acting as GM and Ring Announcer for the event and this was captured perfectly as he was moving from one role to another adding more to event. The picture quality is good and doesn’t suffer from any dark areas of the venue. I would have preferred an extra camera on this event as this is a cruiserweight event and as such contains some right flippy stuff and a 6 man elimination match would have benefitted from the extra coverage.

Normally I don’t really go into match reviews (I certainly don’t agree with a star rating for matches) however lets pick out one match from this card. Now in doing this I want to make it clear that I enjoyed the whole card from top to bottom but Jack Sabre Jr Vs MK McKinnan was bloody lovely. I watched this match twice in a row it is that good. I think I tweeted (@the_real_lrg) that this was as close to a perfect match as I have seen on DVD. I am not going to spoil the match by giving the end away however I was so overwhelmed by the match I could not believe what I had seen and was compelled to watch it again. From the start to the finish it was superb. If I was going insider I would go on about pacing, psychology, back and forth story telling etc… however sod that watch this DVD for this match and you will see.

The entire card comprises the SpeedKing tournament, a single elimination affair with a six way dance (ECW elimination style) match to crown the SpeedKing Championship. In the tournament we have Jay Lethal, Jigsaw, Kay Lee Ray, El Ligero, Ego Dragon, MK McKinnan and Zack Sabre Jr, Dean Allmark, Robbie X, Mark Haskins and Kris Travis. There is also an appearance by Southside Heavyweight Champion Stixx.


mentioned in another of my reviews for this site that we are very lucky in the UK to be able to get to promotions of the quality of Southside but also to be able buy every single event these guys have out there. I really enjoyed the SpeedKing 2013 DVD. I have some other Southside DVDs to review soon and I hope they are all the same quality as it makes my job easier.

DVD available from http:///shop/dvds/speed-king-2013