Aug 13

Rev Pro When Thunder Strikes DVD Review – by Gareth Blinkhorn

RPW’s latest DVD offering comes to us from their first event at the York Hall Bethnall Green.  The venue itself has a history in the fight game in general but also with Pro Wrestling specifically.  In this venue we have seen great matches from british and American stars alike, and RPW have given us an event which manages to celebrate this and so much more.

As with my WuTech review I wont be focusing on the match details (there have been many reviews already) however I like to look at the card as a whole and the production of the DVD that you, the Britwres buying public, will be plonking your hard earned cash down for.

So on with it and lets address the big difference with this DVD over other RPW DVDs YES this DVD costs 9.99 (inc P&P) that is a whole POUND more that the regular DVD releases from RPW.  I was aghast (I wasn’t but people like something negative to hang onto in every review don’t you).  Would it be worth the extra 100 pennies (it was), would I sleep again after spending all that money (I did don’t fret).  RPW have good form with DVD releases going back as long as I can remember however where has my extra pound gone on this one??

I must say that the production values on the DVD are excellent (see that’s where part of the pound went) multiple cameras provide better crowd coverage during the whole show which I feel always makes me feel more part of the show, adding excitement.  The sound mix feels right throughout the DVD which when adding commentary can be a difficult.  The commentary is insightful with Andy Boy Simmons playing the heel role well, never seeming too intrusive to the action. If there is one small criticism of the sound is that the comments from Rollerball Rocco were very quiet, its not a massive problem though (just turn your telly up a bit).  The video quality is high with no noticeable pixelisation or blocking during the show.  Graphics are good however the opening logos seem at odds with each other – one is a relatively low quality affair (which put me on edge a little wondering what the rest of the DVD would be like) followed by a nice high quality intro (note to RPW keep the new one its cool)

The DVD has also been manufactured to a high standard, proper DVD production not Recordable DVD (which is where the rest of my pound went I guess).  He DVD comes shrink-wrapped and looks of the quality you would expect from a retail title.

Obviously the increase on the DVD costs has helped produce a really good looking “high street” quality DVD package and I have no issue with the slightly higher price tag.  In reality some of that extra pound (did I mention it was more expensive?)  will of course gone on the quality of wrestlers on this card.  We have Japanese superstar Jushin “Thunder” Liger facing Prince Devitt in a super main event and Colt Cabana Vs Sha Samuels in the Heavyweight title rematch from the High Stakes event (check out that DVD by the way its great and it’s a pound cheaper too).  Davey Boy Smith Jr. makes his York Hall and RPW debut on this card as well in a good tag team war.  MK McKinnan faced Party Marty Scurl in a match which people in the arena said wasn’t all it could be however I really enjoyed it.

When it comes to DVDs in the UK we are massively spoiled.  For such a small island we get to go to and buy the DVDs from some absolutely excellent promotions.  Should you buy RPWs When Thunder Strikes? Yes, its got high production values, great camera work, sound and superb matches which build and build to the main event.


Buy the DVD here at http://www.revolutionprowrestling.com/shop/2013-dvds/when-thunder-strikes