Jul 05

BritWres Chat – ‘Metrosexual’ Matthew Taylor Special


‘Metrosexual’ Matthew Taylor is currently a ring announcer and commentator for Futureshock Wrestling, but is a mainstay of the BritWres scene!  Still only in his mid-20s, Matt is an eight year veteran who has wrestled as both ‘Metrosexual’ Matthew Taylor and D’Lerium during his career, and has wrestled for GPW, Futureshock, 3CW, and the FWA, amongst others. Matt has hundreds of stories about the last 8 years in BritWres and is not shy about telling them! Mark sits down with Matt who talks us through his careers and tells some of his (in)famous stories! After the interview, Matt said ‘I forgot loads! We’ll have to do another one!’. Look out for a potential part 2 at some point!