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Revolution Pro Wrestling ‘When Thunder Strikes’ Show Review – By Sarah Bartman


This show was billed to be a huge event with a meet and greet available before the actual show. It was held at York Hall in Bethnal Green, London which was a nice venue. We had front row balcony seats which turned out to provide a really good view.

The meet and greet was available to those who had bought tickets for it. There was a fair bit of queuing to see each person but this was to be expected. A free poster was given out to get signed as you went in. Most wrestlers on the card were available to meet although there were a few absent which was a shame. Several of the wrestlers I had met at least once before including Colt Cabana, Mark Haskins and Marty Scurll. The International stars were great to meet and I really enjoyed getting to meet Jushin Liger, Prince Devitt, Mark Rollerball Rocco and Davey Boy Smith Jr. My only criticism of the meet and greet was that while we were stuck queuing around the tables to meet the various wrestlers some got up and left before we got to them so we didn’t get the chance to meet them. It seemed they were told to go as someone came and spoke to them and then they left. Sadly we missed El Ligero, Doug Williams and MK McKinnan. I have met Ligero and McKinnan before but still would have liked to have got their signatures on the poster, and Ligero is one of my favourites. Being a TNA fan I would have loved to have met Doug Williams but sadly didn’t get the chance. There were many fans still behind us in the queue who would also have missed meeting these wrestlers and several more.











I did however enjoy the meet and greet but still felt everyone who bought tickets for it should have had the opportunity to meet everyone who was available from the start.

The actual show was excellent from start to finish and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It kicked off with Mark Haskins v El Ligero. I was looking forward to this match as I am a big fan of both of these wrestlers. It was an impressive fast paced match with some great moves. As always these two were true professionals and put on a great match. It was eventually won by Haskins when he pinned Ligero. There was some interference by a masked Ligero ‘lookalike’ which then led to this pin.

The next match was for the RPW British Tag Team Championship and was the reigning champions Project Ego (Kris Travis and Martin Kirby) v The Swords of Essex (Will Ospreay and Paul Robinson). I had not previously seen The Swords of Essex wrestle although I had seen Ospreay as a singles wrestler. The Swords of Essex made a quick an impressive entrance and the match was another good one. Some excellent offence and defence was shown by both teams and the match was enjoyable. Travis and Kirby injected a little humour into the match as always and had the crowd laughing. There were some high flying, athletic moves on show especially from The Swords of Essex. The match was hard fought but was won by Ospreay and Robinson crowning new Tag Team Champions much to the disappointment and annoyance of Project Ego.


After the match The London Riots came out and attacked The Swords of Essex delivering quite a beat down.

The following match was Doug Williams v Hiromu Takahashi. This was a slower paced match than the previous two and had more technical skill than high flying offence. This was not one of my favourite matches of the night but it was the first time I had seen either of these wrestlers live and I especially enjoyed seeing Williams. The match was won by Williams when he pinned Takahashi.

The next match was between Marty Scurll and MK McKinnan. This was a fairly brutal match although I feel McKinnan is not at his best at the moment. I have previously seen some excellent matches from him, but recently they have not been so impressive. Marty played the heel although McKinnan didn’t seem all that popular with the fans either. There were some vicious kicks and some good moves. McKinnan managed to finish the match without a nosebleed which he seems to suffer from frequently. Marty gained the win via submission when McKinnan tapped out. Marty seems to be introducing submission moves to his matches more these days and seems to be perfecting them well. This was a great move to win him the match.

After that match came Rampage Brown and Andy Boy Simmonz v Dave Mastiff and Davey Boy Smith Jr. I would have liked to have seen more involvement from Davey Boy Smith Jr throughout this match as he didn’t seem to have as much in ring time as the rest. However, this was another decent match although again, not a favourite of mine. It was, again, a slower paced match and these were big guys in the ring. Mastiff can be surprisingly agile for his size and he worked well with DBS Jr. The match was won by Simmonz and Brown via a pinfall.

The next match was for the RPW British Heavyweight Championship and was between the reigning champion Colt Cabana, and Sha Samuels. I have seen Cabana wrestle a few times and always enjoy his matches and humour. This was the first time I had seen Samuels. Cabana and Samuels displayed some strong moves and this was a fairly solid match. It was not one that stood out for me but was still entertaining to watch. Cabana seemed more aggressive than he has previous times I have seen him wrestle; maybe this is because he now holds the championship belt. The match was won by Samuels until the referee realised Cabana’s foot was actually on the rope when he was pinned. The referee quickly retrieved the belt from Samuels and called for the match to continue. This then led to Cabana winning by submission and retaining his title.

The following match was the last of the evening and the match that everyone had been waiting for. Prince Devitt faced Jushin ‘Thunder’ Liger to defend his RPW British Cruiserweight Championship. Before the match began, Mark Rollerball Rocco came to the ring to speak. Some photos were then taken of Rollerball, Devitt and Liger with the championship belt.


The match began with mutual respect being shown by Devitt and Liger. There was some fast paced action of moves and counters before both men paused and stepped back, receiving great applause and admiration from the fans. The match turned out to be the best of the evening and was a spectacle to watch. These are two very talented athletes who have excellent technical skill, awareness and agility. The match showcased some great submission moves, high risk moves and brutality as well as the respect and admiration that the wrestlers clearly had for one another. The match was a hard battle but eventually Prince Devitt came out the winner to retain his title. At the end of the match the clear respect was again displayed when Devitt went over to Liger in the corner of the ring and bowed and shook his hand. Devitt then raised Liger’s arm.


This amazing match was greatly appreciated by the fans and York Hall erupted with a standing ovation at the end. Liger clearly still has an immense ability and Devitt has a fantastic future ahead.

Rev Pro did a great job with this event (despite the few criticisms mentioned) and it was a successful evening.

By Sarah Bartman

Photos copyright ©SarahBartman