Jun 26

BritWres Chat Episode 24

BWCBack ones again for another week of wrestling banter.

This weeks news involves PCW, Southside, Futureshock, Progress, IPW:UK & House Of Pain Evolution, alot of fantastic stuff coming in the future.  We then run through the results from Kelvin Brawl, BCW, WAW, Bellatrix, House Of Pain, Kamikaze Pro & IPW Future.  Not stopping there we jump into the the results where we cover First Class and IPW/UK.  And then finally we preview the upcoming weekends WuTech, PBW, Pride, CSF, 4FW, Ironfist, RevPro & RWA.

And as a very special treat we have Adam Curtis previewing the upcoming Southside show. This also includes an EXCLUSIVE from Southside.  *DISCLAIMER* The Views & Comments are those of Adam Curtis and Adam Curtis alone and do not represent the views of any member of BritWres Chat or BritWres Blog.

And to close the show, we have Part 2 of Philips 3CW When The Smoke Has Settled Intreview piece with Mike Groom & Stevie Aaron