Mar 14

11 – 3CW – 11/03/11

3CW Free For All 8 – Billingham Synthonia – 11th March 2011

Quick Results:

Stevie Lynn defeated Lewis Chambers giving 3CM the advantage in the FreeForAll match later in the evening.

Kris Travis defeated Lance Thunder to become the number 1 contender to the North East Title.

Olivia Burns & Iain Robinson (w/ Simon G. Money) beat The Lost (w/ Kyle Kraze)

Dan Evans defeated Stuart Woods (standing in for an injured Mick Falls) to become the 3CW North East Championship, which he then renamed it to the Young Lions Championship.

Mohmed Ameen defeated Dan Evans to become the 3CW Young Lions Champion.

Voodoo defeated Chris Hawk

Free For All Main Event – 3 Count Mafia vs Team 3CW

Order of entry:
1. Dragon Aisu (3CM)
2. Andy O’Sullivan (3CW)
3. Gabriel Grey (3CM)
4. Darkside (3CW)
5. GBH (3CM)
6. Andy Swan (3CW)
7. Chris Cannon (3CM)
8. Mohmed Ameen (3CW)
9. Stevie Lynn (3CM)
10. Cameron Kraze (3CW)
11. Vincent D. White (3CM)
12. Martin Kirby (3CW)
13. Dan Evans (3CM)
14. Lewis Chambers (3CW)

Order of elimination:
1. O’Sullivan by Aisu (pinfall)​
2. Grey by Darkside (pinfall)
3. Swan by D&D (pinfall)
4. Cannon by Ameen (over the top)
5. GBH by Darkside (pinfall)
6. Aisu by Chambers (over the top)
7. Chambers by Lynn w/ Aisu (over the top)
8. Kraze by White (over the top)
9. Ameen by Evans (over the top)
10. White by Darkside (over the top)
11. Darkside by Lynn (pinfall)
12. Lynn by Kirby (pinfall)
13. Evans by Kirby (pinfall)

The match concluded when Kirby hit both Lynn & Evans with the Fingerpoke of Doom, showing he has defected to the 3 Count Mafia, to become the man who will face El Ligero at the Anniversary show in May for the 3CW Triple Crown Title.