Jun 06

WuTech DVD Review by Gareth Blinkhorn.

WuTech are my home federation based in Worcester they have just released their first event on DVD. Based from the WuTech Arena (actually the Redhill Club in Worcester but I have christened it the WuTech Arena) this is the inaugural event for a promotion who shows a lot of promise with this and the rest of the years announced guests.


The disk is packed in a green DVD case which matches the promotions colours and looked very eye-catching amongst my other wrestling DVDs.


So onto the important stuff – production value (and wrestling I suppose) from the first match the action is easy to see the hard cam is positioned well with no obstructions and the roving camera picks up the action well in most cases.  It seems that a lot of the wrestlers on this event are new to me (probably due to my own lack of knowledge of Scottish wrestlers for which I am duly ashamed).  In truth I think the Carmel Jacobs, Mark Haskins and Mad Man Manson are the only three that I was familiar with.


We kick off the DVD with a Bonus match between and Kane Thomas and Jonny Rose , with Rose being very good with the crowd and really engaging them from the off.  These were the first of my unknown wrestlers and whilst not super polished both came across well on the DVD.


Our second match of the DVD is the featured womens match.  It is great to see a start-up promotion using women and when you have Carmel Jacobs Vs Sarah Marie Taylor that’s a great start.  The crowd was into this from the off with Carmel receiving a “Shrek” chant and asking for the merch team to sell the fans a lucha mask as they were making her feel sick (to be fair I live in Worcester and concur).  The match starts fast and slick and the crowd are very much against Carmel and her Shrek outfit.  The ladies put on a super match with good back and forth action and a good finish.


Nathan Black Vs El Technico follows this with solidly defined good guy and bad guy roles. this is your classic big man vs high flyer and sees the big scotch man deal out a lot of punishment on the smaller Masked Mexican.  El Techinco did get in some very flippy offence to the delight of the raucous Worcesterites at the WuTech Arena.


London Inc.Vs Eddie Ryan and Antonio De Luca see our first in ring promo from London Inc however this thing deteriorates fast and the action is all around ringside for the first 5 minutes before a wrestling match breaks out in the ring. Lovely tag action in this bout with some excellent double team moves and London Inc proper heeling it up.


Billed as 30 stone of wrestler Richtor was up next in a match against Mad Man Manson, now Richtor is a biiiiigggg fella looking kinda like Earthquake after a trip to Cadbury World.  Mason is on fine form as he makes his way round the crowd introducing them properly to the Manson way of life.  Now in the interest of full disclosure I was not sure Richtor was going to be anything more than a big belly in the style of Big Daddy however I was pleasantly surprised here – he was the perfect foil for Manson – a great straight man to Manson’s tom foolery. If you like a good comedy match this is worth the price of the DVD alone. I think I may love Manson more each time I see him.


Main Event Time Baby – Liam Thompson Vs Mark Haskins.  So I know Haskins from his appearances for …well everyone I think… but Liam Thompson is new.  Haskins comes from Worcester (I need to check this as I always call him an Oxford spanker..in PG land).  It’s the Scotch vs the English in our main event and Haskins is the crowd favorite from the off. A nice mix of high flying flippery and mat based ground and pound styles giving something for everyone.


Sign of a good event is that when they announce the main event you are disappointed as you know you are in sight of the end of the DVD,  This is exactly what the first WuTech DVD did for me.  Easy to watch with good camera work, good lighting and solid editing lead to an enjoyable hour and a half or so.  From a professional point of view I guess I should mention the slight pixiation on the dark colours but I am a videophile and so most people would not notice, also there is no commentary which did not distract however some people find this weird.  I would rather no commentary than half assed commentary which leaves you wanting to turn the volume down. and on a personal note I would like to have seen an image or print on the DVD disk itself but now I am being picky.


Whilst I am not here to review the promotion and the event so much as the DVD I think I would be amiss not to mention the crowd for the first event – yes it is not huge however they are solid wrestling fans from the youngest to the oldest.  The younglings chanting for RKOs and 619s and the older, smarter fans chanting Ole! all showed respect for the wrestlers and the sport itself. It was truly a family event with kids from 5 upwards there.


So cut to the chase – is WuTech worth investing time and money into – yes.  You can buy the DVD from facebook.com/wutechwrestling, its only £8 including postage.  Also check out the Facebook page for the next events as they have Jimmy Jacobs on June 28th and SABU (yes that one) in August.


Review by Gareth Blinkhorn @the_real_lrg