May 14

Revolution Pro Wrestling No Holds Barred DVD Review By Jamie Tunbridge



Revolution Pro Wrestling’s No Holds Barred was one of the most highly anticipated shows in British wrestling. This was mainly due to the emotionally charged rivalry between Party Marty Scurll and Rockstar Spud and their appearance on TNA British Bootcamp.
In fact so many people wanted to see this show the team at RevPro had to put in extra seats to accommodate everyone. 
As per usual with RevPro they had some of the best talent in the UK booked on the show as well as one of the most popular American Wrestlers on the Indys Colt Boom Boom Cabana.


Match 1 Mark Haskins vs El Ligero

The first contest of the night was a cruiserweight contenders match between The Star Attraction Mark Haskins and El Ligero. 
A fired up Haskins came out and demanded the mike so could get a few things off of his chest.
First he insulted the crowd including yours truly for booing him.
He then switched his attention to Ligero. Haskins blamed Ligero for costing him the cruiserweight title at the last show.
Haskins them proclaimed he was on the road to redemption which would start with the beat down and unmasking of El Ligero.
Of course this brought out the man himself and the match was on.
Ligero started of strongly but Haskins wisely slowed down the pace of this match and began to pick 
Ligero apart. The match went back and forth between these two evenly matched wrestlers and they got the crowd warmed up for the night. 

Match 2 Will Ospreay v Wild Boar

The Aerial Assassin Will Ospreay took on Wild Boar Mike Hitchman in another Cruiserweight Contenders match. 
Both men were making their RevPro debut so they were looking to impress in this one. 
Wild Boar was a late replacement for the injured Noam Dar.
Will Ospreay had the crowd firmly behind him……….well apart from one woman who seemed to be infatuated with Wild Boar.
Seeing Will and Boar live for the first time I can honestly say they impressed me greatly and I can see a great future for both men in RevPro. 
If it was not for the fact the card for this show was so stacked this match would have got a lot more attention. 

Match 3 Dave Mastiff vs Colt Cabana vs T-Bone vs Rampage Brown

This was a number one contenders match for Sha Samuels British Heavyweight Title. 
It was fought under elimination rules and that could occur by Pinfall, Submission or being chucked over the top rope and have both feet touch the floor.
The participants were Rampage Brown a man with the hardest chops this side of Yorkshire, The imposingly large and highly athletic Dave Mastiff, The amazingly aggressive T-Bone and the fun-loving native of Maxwell street in Chicago Illinois Colt Cabana.
This was the hardest match of the night to call, anyone of these men would have made a formidable challenger to the Champion.
The match was brutal and fought at a hard, fast pace and did include some controversy. 

Match 4 Zack Sabre Jr vs MK McKinnan

The second half of the show kicked off with a bang as two of the UKs best Zack Sabre Jr and The Future MK McKinnan fought in a proving grounds match.
This was the match I had been looking forward to seeing the most and I was certainly not disappointed.
Zack is widely recognised as one of the finest wrestlers in Europe. He has toured Japan and has had classic matches with some of the best wrestlers in the world.
MK McKinnan is a fast rising star and has impressed so many with his wrestling ability. 
Even though this match was seen as a proving ground match for MK he showed that he belonged in the ring with Zack. 
Within the first two minutes of this match you knew that you were witnessing a classic. Both men traded and tried to avoid a series of stiff kicks this was followed by some excellent mat wrestling where each man kept countering the others holds. 
The pace of this match did not drop once. You could watch this contest over and over again and never get bored.
In my opinion this was quite simply the best match between two British wrestlers I’ve seen this year. 

Match 5 British Tag Team Title Match Project Ego (c) v The Hunter Brothers

For a while now the highlight of a RevPro show for me is Pro Ego. Martin Kirby & Kris Travis are one of the best tag teams in Europe. Their wrestling is of the highest standard and they have a natural chemistry and charisma.
The Hunter Brothers Lee and Jim are another great team and I can honestly say I’ve never seen them have a bad match. Over the last year the Hunters have just got better and better.
This match was a great opportunity for the Hunters to announce themselves to the whole of the UK.
The match itself had both teams play to their strengths. Ego ( as good as they are) used questionable tactics to take an early upper hand even though at one point it backfired and they ended up snogging each other. I think Travis enjoyed it more than Kirby. 
The Hunters made quick tags and used their speed to control Ego for parts of the match. 
This match was Awesome as you would expect. 

Match 6 Rockstar Spud vs Marty Scurll

The main event was not about respect between two of the most well know wrestlers in the UK in fact a better word to use would be hate. For months both men had taken to social media to bash each other.  Spud had cost Marty some high-profile matches and this match was the end of it the end of the bitter feud and what a way to do it in a No Holds Barred match. 
To add a little fuel to the fire (as if it was needed) Spud had beaten Marty in TNAs British Boot camp and had earned himself a contract with Impact wrestling. This was Marty’s last chance for redemption and you could see in his eyes that he was going to do anything he could to take it.
I loved this match as it was very different every other match on the card. As there were no rules Spud and Marty could do anything they wanted and my word they did. The match involved brawling on the entrance ramp, powder to the eyes, chairs even thumb tacks. 
When the match was over one man stood victorious the other felt the shame of defeat. 


Overall this show was awesome it had a conclusion to British wrestlings hottest feud, a new number one contender was crowned and it had a match of the year candidate too. 
It also confirmed to me that British wrestling was back in a big way. It made me realise that this is British Wrestling’s golden age and I can honestly say as a fan We have never had it so good.