Mar 06

10 – IWF – 05/03/11

IWF Kings Of Neon – Neon Social Club – Jarrow:

Quick Results:
Justice League defeated Hot Wings
El Villente defeated Marcus Starr & Jack Flash
Redback Squared defeated The Minto Brothers to retain the IWF Tag Team Titles
Leon Kingdom defeated Lewis Chambers
Tim Strange defeated Billy Morrison to retain the IWF North East Title
Adam Christ defeated Robbie Ryder
Big Kris, Lewis Chambers, TY McFly & Katsu defeated Redemption

This is my first attempt at a wrestling blog, lets see how I do.  (I’m putting it up bit by bit, due to the time it is taking me to edit my notes and turn them into something somewhat coherent)

Not a Massive crowd, but decent enough, Mr Hollywood comes on the mic and asks everyone to move to one side so they will ‘enjoy the show more’, no-one moves.  I think he was trying to make 1 section look full for the camera.

The show starts as Mr Hollywood announces the first match, but Redemptions music hits and they come out through the curtain.  IWF North East Champion Tim Strange, IWF Tag Team Champions Redback Squared, Leon Kingdom & Flash Roberts are all on stage, Tim grabs the Mic and start cutting a promo saying that one of Redemption isn’t the same as the rest, Leon being the only non title holder looks taken aback and comes forward as if to confront Tim.  Tim continues, and says the one who stands out like a sore thumb is Flash Roberts, because he is fat, out of shape and scares the women off.  Tim then proceeds to fire Flash Roberts and put over the matches the members of Redemption are taking part in tonight, Leon vs Lewis Chamber, Redback Squared vs The Minto Brothers & Tim vs Billy Morrison.  Redemption then leave the stage.

Justice League vs Hot Wings:
Justice League (TY McFly & Kitty Morgan) come out to a favourable response.  TY poses on stage, removes his glasses, opens up his top to become Super TY.   Hot Wings (Max Heat & Brett Eagle) come out next, being their usual heelish selves.  Max jumps on a number of tables and shouts at the crowd, he is being extra heelish today.   Ty starts of the match, takes max down with a clothes line, threatens a chop in the corner and then clotheslines him over the top rope to the floor.  Brett heads round to help him up as, unbeknownst to them, Kitty makes her way up to the top turnbuckle and dives onto Hot Wings, taking them both out.  The action get back into the ring where Kitty hits Brett with a flying head scissors, dropping him across the middle rope, she takes a run up and spanks Brett hard across the backside.  Hopping around in pain holding his rear end, Brett gets taken down into the corner, Kitty throws a crotch chop X-Pac style (not the most lady like of moves I must say) signaling the Bronco Buster.  As she is about to start her approach on the prone Brett, Max Heat jumps in the ring, tells Kitty to stop, pulls Brett out the way and sits himself in the corner with his eyes closed, tougue out and a giant grin on his face.  Seeing Max’s eyes closed Ty climbs into the ring, and takes Kitty’s place and hits a Bronco Buster on a now very pained Max Heat who had opened his eyes moments before TYs crotch impacted with his face.  Brett comes to the rescue, but gets scooped up and deposited crotch first into Max.  After both members of Hot Wings regain their composure they attack & viciously beat down Kitty.   With a big scoop slam Max drops Kitty in the corner, head up the turnbuckle for a Spring Board Moonsault, but misses as Kitty narrowly is able to roll out the way.  Kitty gets to her feet, barely, but is confronted by Brett, one Inzaguri later (which from my perspective actually missed, does that make it an Outzaguri?) and Brett is despatched giving Kitty enough time to give TY the hot tag.  Ty comes in and drops both member of Hot Wings with repeated clotheslines.  Kitty comes back in and calls for and hits a Satellite DDT on Max (a bit more work needs to be done on Kitty’s long-term selling IMO, she bounced back after the beating she received way too quickly).   Ty then counts down and hits a reverse DDT on Brett, just before Max comes off the top rope and hits TY with a JawJacker.  With TY down Brett heads to the top turnbuckle to go for a big finish.  Max starts asking him to get down and just go for the pin, even dropping to his knees and begging him not to.  Brett dives off the turnbuckle anyway, sailing over Max’s head, right into a waiting TY Cutter.  Ty goes for the cover and gets the 3 count, Justice League win.  After Justice League have left the ring Max starts to berate Brett, Brett apologizes, they both hug and then leave.  – This was a pretty decent opener, one of the better matches I’ve seen from both Ty & Kitty so far.