Apr 14

BWC From The Vault Episode 2 – Lucian L Jones

Credit Wrestlingphotos.com Tom Lancaster

Credit Wrestlingphotos.com
Tom Lancaster

Once thought lost forever, Mark recently rediscovered all seven of the podcasts that he recorded in 2010 and 2011 for the now defunct video games website, Egg Says Whut. These unconventional wrestler interviews were a bit different inasmuch as Mark didn’t really interview his guests about wrestling, they just sat down and had a chat about video games! As they’re no longer available anywhere else, we BritWresChat folk thought that you might like to hear these curiosities in a series of ‘From The Vault’ style specials. Mark has also recorded new introductions to them all. In this second episode, Mark chats about video games with former AWW champion and former commentary partner of himself, Lucian L. Jones. Lucian talk about UniRally on the SNES, working in a game shop and being the best Guitar Hero player in all of Dudley! Enjoy!