Apr 01

Revolution Pro Wrestling: High Stakes – Review by Gareth Blinkhorn

Revolution Pro Wrestling High Stakes


Interestingly we went in on time and started pretty much one time too, set up was as usual with a very good a bombastic crowd.


1st match up was  Rampage Brown vs Dean Allmark.  An excellent match to start the show – from the off the crowd were super hot, all over Brown and well behind Allmark.  Following an encounter where neither man put a foot wrong Brown gets the Win.


2nd Match was up straight after :- Mark Haskins vs Will Osprey   Once Haskins gets in the ring he brings out two folding chairs and set them up and forces Ring announcer Andy to sit down and then proceeds to “interview” the Rev Pro booker as to why he has not had his Cruiserweight title since he has only lost 3 matches in RPW. Haskins also mentioned that he has delivered on his promises including unmasking El Ligero.  Andy refused to promise Haskins a title match giving a “we’ll see” answer to the pleasure of the crowd.  Osprey put is a great showing however came up short to the excellent ringwork of the still ill Mark Haskins goes over following interference by someone  wearing El Ligero’s mask.

We moved on with Andy announcing the next Sittingbourne show for the Bank Holiday in May – Sunday May 26th.


3rd match was the Cruiserweight title 3 way between  Zack Sabre Jr  v party Marty v Prince Devitt
In an excellent 3 way match with the LDRS teaming then Marty taking advantage of Zack to get the upper hand.  In and out the ring (yes Zack and Devitt both landed on parts of me) the action was fast and stiff and produced the kind of match you know these 3 can put together.  As a way to finish the first half this was excellent .  Devitt retained then asked that the match at When Thunder Strikes is a Title match against Jushin Thunder Liger.  Following the match Devitt went to shake the hands of the LDRS Zack accepted with honour however Marty attacking Devitt much to the digest of Zack.


Following intermission (time to hit ColtMerch Table UK for T-Shirts and posters and photos) we come back with a grudge match between Andy Boy Simmonz and Dave Mastiff.  As expected a lot of hard-hitting from Dave and a lot of gobbing off from Simmonz.  When it looked like Big Bad Dave was going for the Win Rampage Brown hits the ring and pummels Dave.  To add insult to injury Simmonz does the running cannonball on mastiff.  Dave looked a little miffed as Simmonz and Brown headed back stage.  Dave won by DQ.


Our 5th Match of the night was our British Tag Team Title Match giving us a show down between the RPW Champs (Project Ego) vs the Zero One Tag champs – the Hangovers.  In best Project Ego style the ring announcer was forced to announce the Project Ego had bigger ones than the Hangovers – it is believed this was to do with the size of the championship belts and nothing else.  With the talent in the ring for this match you would expect nothing better than a great match and that’s what we got.  This was a back and forward match with some great double and triple (yes triple) teams going on.  Project ego got the clean win over the Hangovers and the only thing spoiling this match was the lovely homophobia from certain members of the crowd.  Your winners and still RPW British Tag Team Champions Project Ego.


The ring announcer then said that Project Ego will now defend their titles at the June 15th Event at The York Hall. Also announced to a massive ovation was that on the Sunday 26th May Show The Future MK McKinnnan vs Jack Sabre Jr TWO is signed.  They were really pushing MK here which as an FCP fan boy I was very happy about.


And so we reach MAIN EVENT of the evening!  We are reminded that if Colt does not win the British Heavyweight Championship from Sha Samuels he will never wrestle in the UK From the start of the announcement to the end of the match the chant of Colt Cabana seemed to echo around the RPW Arena (as I have decided to call it).  I don’t think Colt could have been more over if he had CM Punk in his corner.  The crowd was hot and Cabana looked to be loving it.  Sha Samuels played his part to perfection and following some great back and forth hard-hitting action Sha slapped the ref and walked off – Colt was livid pleading with the ref and Andy Quilden not to throw the match out.  The Ref agreed with Colt and the match continued following an attempt by Sha to be counted out, a couple of ref bumps and a belt shot by Samuels Cabana came back strong and took the 1,2,3 and is our British Heavy Weight Champion.  Colt celebrated in the ring before shooting straight back over to ColtMerch Table UK – what a Pro!


Being a massive fan of Cabana I was on a high coming out of this event – RPW consistently put on great shows and this was no exception.  I am looking forward to June 15th and gutted I won’t be able to make May 26th.