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Progress Wrestling Chapter 5: For Those About To Fight, We Salute You DVD Review By Jamie Tunbridge

Progress Wrestling Chapter 5: For Those About To Fight, We Salute You DVD Review By Jamie Tunbridge


Progress Wrestling has been around for nearly a year now and they have made a reputation of being one of the most consistently good promotions in the United Kingdom.
Their first four shows have contained great strong style matches plus a mix of high flying, technically sound and (a bit of) hardcore action.
The Chapter 5 “For Those About To Fight, We Salute You” DVD keeps that tradition going in a strong way.

The DVD starts off with a well put together video package explaining that the former Progress Champ Nathan Cruz and the man who defeated him for the championship El Ligero have picked each other’s respective opponent for the show. Cruz picked the Bastard Dave Mastiff to face El Ligero. The Champ picked the former WWE developmental wrestler Rampage Brown to take on Cruz.

Match 1 – Danny Garnell v Stixx

The first match of the show was between two of the bigger men in Progress. Dangerous Danny Garnell v The Heavyweight House of Pain Stixx.
This was Garnell’s third appearance in Progress his first was a successful and impressive outing against Jimmy Havoc and his second ended in injury at the hands of The London Riots. Stixx has also had mixed results in his previous three outings but he was looking to improve his record here.
Despite both men’s size they moved about the ring as if they were in the WWE’s cruiserweight division (Well when they had one).
The crowd were in fine voice during this match calling Stixx Zangiff (From the popular Street Fighter video game series) and one fan told Garnell to kick Stixx like a Swansea ball boy.
The action was great and both men should have been happy with their efforts in this one.

Match 2 – Wild Boar Mike Hitchman v Lord Jonathan Windsor

The second contest featured the popular Wild boar Mike Hitchman v Lord Jonathan Windsor in a natural progression series first round match.
The Blaina native Hitchman is an excellent competitor who has an element of Sami Callahan about him.
The underrated Lord Windsor is a more mat based wrestler who can strike hard when the situation demands it.
The crowd again play a part in this match by trying to put the new referee Mark Parry off of his 10 count and they are nearly successful.
With half of this match being outside of the ring the referee could have wished for an easier debut.
The action in the ring was very tidy and both men have a big future ahead.

Match 3 – Nathan Cruz v Rampage Brown

A bitter unhappy Nathan Cruz took on the Tough Yorkshireman Rampage Brown in match number 3.
Before the match Cruz introduced his 7ft bodyguard Fug who was there to protect Cruz from Marty Scurll. Cruz has a history with Marty starting all the way back at Chapter 1.
Cruz feels like he has something to prove after losing the championship to El Ligero.
The Imposing Rampage Brown making his Progress debut wanted to show Cruz who the boss was early on by manhandling him a giving Cruz a nasty slap.
A slap was the least of Cruz’s problems because then the chops started and man can Rampage throw a mean chop.
To his credit Cruz holds his own against the stronger man in this brutal contest.
Overall it was an excellent match, Rampage will surely be welcomed back to Progress and Cruz proved he is still a top level guy with or without the staff.

Match 4 – Progress Championship Match

The Bastard Dave Mastiff  took on El Ligero for Ligero’s Progress Championship.
Since debuting in Progress El Ligero has shown an edge to his character some would say a heelish one. Nether the less this strategy has paid off big time look no further than the championship staffin his possession for proof of that.
He shows that attitude again here by dropkicking The Bastard out of the ring before the bell and following that Ligero hit a summersault dive to disorientate his larger opponent.
The match settles into a clash of styles as Mastiff uses his hard hitting style while El Ligero fires back with as you would expect his signature lucha libre abilities. The result is a very enjoyable encounter with what you could call a surprising finish.

Match 5 – RJ Singh’s Open Challenge

Another surprise was who answered RJ Singh’s open challenge. RJ’s long-time friend and Bhangra Knights tag team partner The Dazzler Darrel Allen stepped up to the plate.
This outraged RJ and his entourage.  RJ mocked Darrel for being a loser in Progress. Darrel’s reasoning behind answering the challenge was simple he wanted to prove himself.
The match was of a very high quality and apart from the main event this was the match everyone would be talking about the after the show was over.
From the Dazzlers high flying antics to RJ Singh’s more ground based tactics this match and the aftermath (including an interesting stare down) surely satisfied all who witnessed it.

Match 6 – The London Riots v The Leaders

The main event was a highly anticipated tag team match featuring the leaders of the new school taking on The so far unstoppable London Riots
Seeing the leaders in a tag team match is a rare treat these days as both Marty Scurll and Zack Sabre Jr have been mostly doing their own things. Luckily for the fans the Leaders continuity was as good as ever here.
The London Riots a team who broke out in various promotions last year have been on a roll in Progress. The team are comprised of James Davis and Rob Lynch two men who are known for their tough approach in and out of the ring.
The fact that some people may not notice is that these guys can wrestle and they showed in this match how good they were.
The match itself was brutal, amazing and unbelievably good. Both teams came out of this match looking strong and everybody in the in the crowd enjoyed the action.

Extra Features

The extra features consist of interviews by BritWres Chat. They talk to Danny Garnell, RJ Singh, Jim Smallman and Glen Joseph. The interviews are excellent even when the lights go out and are a nice touch to the DVD.

As per usual with the extras we have Jim’s introduction to the show which includes an audition for Botchamania. There is also a clip of Jim paying tribute to the Leaders and the first part of a funny segment where Jim is trying to enter the ring at the Projo.


This DVD is well worth buying. The matches range between good, great and “This is Awesome”. The DVD should be bought on the strength of the last match alone.
The crowd play a great part as always and that is part of the charm with this promotion.
So with amazing action and a superb fan base there is only one thing left to say
This Is Progress.