Mar 12

Southside Battle of the Egos 3 Review by Sarah Bartman

Where to start with Battle of the Egos 3?

This was a show like no other and included a game of musical chairs, a Hello Kitty lunch box and Jaffa Cakes!

This Southside event had something for everyone, adults and children alike. It was a very family friendly show and there were many children in attendance. The selection of merchandise on offer was of its usual high quality and the prices very reasonable as always.

The show began with a grudge match where Wonderkid Jonny Storm was looking for revenge against Stixx for ruining his chances of a title shot at the last Southside event.
This was a high quality match and a great way to open the show. One of the first things we saw in this match however was the bare backside of Stixx courtesy of Jonny Storm who then proceeded to slap the bare cheeks much to the annoyance of Stixx. We were treated to a show of power and strength as well as a versatile wrestling style from Stixx while The Wonderkid treated us to quality technical wrestling and high flying. Stixx easily has the power advantage but Storm has the advantage of speed and agility. Stixx demonstrated his strength by holding Storm high above his head before depositing him onto the canvas.
Being sat front row proved a little closer to the action than I might have expected when Storm flew out of the ring and landed in the laps of my partner and I. When he got back to his feet the battle continued outside the ring. The match was eventually won by Storm who gained a quick pin. Storm straight away made for the exit and disappeared out of the building though the fire door chased by a clearly angered Stixx.
Photographs have since shown Storm driving off down the road in his car with Stixx in hot pursuit on foot.


After this entertaining and high quality start there followed a tag team match for the chance to face the current Tag Team Title holders, The Predators.
The Hunter Brothers, Lee and Jim, were the first to come out to the ring and appeared wearing masks and blue hooded tops. Their opponents were The Bhangra Knights, RJ Singh and Darrell Allen. This was another good match with some great moves. Both teams worked very well together and the crowds support was divided. There were high flying moves and technical skill in this fast paced match. The win could easily have gone to either team but we will never know who would have won without the interference of two masked men. The two men, who were wearing masks identical to those that The Hunter Brothers had been wearing when they came to the ring, attacked The Bhangra Knights enabling The Hunter Brothers to get the win. After the attack the masked men ran off leaving The Bhangra Knights enraged and The Hunter Brothers claiming they had no involvement in the attack. The outcome of the match, however it was achieved, grants The Hunter Brothers a Tag Team Title match against The Predators at Risky Business in April.

The next match was between one half of The Predators, Joseph Connors and Mad Man Manson. The two have an ongoing feud as Connors cannot tolerate Mansons silliness and finds him infuriating. He has also so far been unable to defeat Manson.

This was to be no ordinary match. Mad man Manson came out wearing his straight jacket and used his feet to shake hands with the crowd on his way to the ring, even stopping to sign a poster using his mouth.
Mad Man Manson is a unique wrestler who adds comedy to any match but if you were to strip away the comedy you would be left with a talented wrestler. His antics tend to somewhat cover up his talent but he is a joy to watch and never fails to have the crowd laughing. A true entertainer.

At the start of this match Connors was looking impatient but Manson decided he would prefer an arm wrestling match instead of a normal wrestling match. Connors agreed but this got abandoned when Manson failed to take it seriously and Connors got annoyed. After several more suggestions, such as kiss chase, they settled on musical chairs. Not something you expect to see in a wrestling ring. Two chairs were placed in the ring for the first round and the music was played. Connors then removed one chair for the next round but Manson continually replaced it behind Connors back. Eventually the second chair was removed and the game continued and was won by Manson when Connors went to sit on the chair and Manson quickly moved it away leaving Connors on the canvas. Connors was more than a little upset by this and while he was distracted by what had happened, Manson rolled him up and got the pin incensing Connors further.

A rematch was set for June which will be a blindfold match. Manson stated that he was sick of being the comedy guy and wanted to be a real wrestler and therefore if he won the rematch he would take Connors place in The Predators alongside Paul Malen.



The next match and end to the first half of the show, was The Heavyweight Title match where the current champion Max Angelus was defending his title against T-Bone. This was a tough match although Angelus still had a heavily taped thigh and did seem to favour his leg at times. There were some high impact, hard hitting moves and a real display of strength and power. The match also spilled out of the ring where the battle continued. T-Bone looked strong throughout the match and has the experience advantage over Angelus. He was able to counter many moves by Angelus, and T-Bone dominated a large part of the match. Angelus is an agile wrestler for a heavyweight. He is also tenacious and very driven, although the more I see of T-Bone the more this description also seems to fit him. Angelus managed to gain the win and retain the title but it was a close match.

This was an impressive end to an impressive and entertaining first half.

During the interval there was the opportunity to have your photograph taken with Max Angelus and also a vast array of merchandise to peruse,

The first match of the second half of the show was Mark Haskins v MK McKinnan. This was expected to be an awesome match up and it in no way disappointed. An excellent, fast paced match from the start with an array of moves, counters and avoidances. Early in the match MK McKinnan received a bloody nose which seems to happen regularly in his matches. McKinnan and Haskins both specialise in quickfire action, high flying and high impact moves. It has come to be an expectation that matches involving either of these two men are well worth seeing. Haskins is an experienced wrestler with excellent technical skill, while MK is a young talent who already shows amazing ability and potential. This was an entertaining match and a hard fought battle which was eventually won by MK McKinnan.

The following match was between the other half of The Predators, Paul Malen, and Loco Imbecile.
The entrance of Loco Imbecile was certainly different. He emerged (eventually) from behind the curtain carrying a Hello Kitty lunchbox. When he reached the ring he opened the lunchbox and got out a packet of Jaffa Cakes which he handed out the members of the crowd. He then gave a full moon, half moon Jaffa Cake eating demonstration.
With the remaining Jaffa Cakes packed away in the lunchbox, loco Imbecile the produced some party poppers and enlisted the help of members of the crowd to stand in front of him and pop the party poppers. When Loco Imbecile finally got into the ring, after tripping over the rope, the match began. This wasnt the best match of the evening in terms of skill and moves but it was amusing and entertaining. Imbecile was again unable to climb to the top rope as had happened in the previous Southside event. He made an attempt but ended up clinging to the turnbuckle saying too high.

Throughout the match there were chants of Jaffa Cakes and Hello Kitty from the crowd. Harvey Dale even helped himself to a Jaffa Cake or two from the lunchbox while Imbecile was busy in the ring. The match ended in a win for Malen but Imbecile was clearly the fan favourite.Loco

The next and final match was the main event between Robbie X and Party Marty Scurll for the Speed King Title. This was another hard hitting, high impact match. There were some exciting and superb moves from both men and there was also a great determination shown from both. The Speed king Title was clearly very important to both wrestlers and neither was prepared to concede easily. There was a great intensity and an impressive showcase of talent throughout the match.

Marty Scurll clearly has the experience advantage and is a talented wrestler. Robbie X however, at such a young age, is extremely gifted and proved why he is the current Speed King Champion. The match had the crowd on the edge of their seats and both men pulled out all the stops, using an array of their best and most powerful moves. Marty had come from an exhausting week of events having wrestled at revolution Pro Wrestling the night before this event and also having competed in 3 Dragon Gate shows the weekend before.
After a hard fought battle of back and forth moves and finishers Robbie X eventually secured the win to retain the title.XScurll

This Southside event was thoroughly enjoyed by the loud and lively crowd at St Neots and shows that this relatively new company continues to improve and grow with every event. I look forward to attending many more and in particular cannot wait for Speed King 2 in May.

Review by Sarah Bartman
Columnist for LOE Wrestling
Writer for RockstarSpud.com

Photograph credit to Brett Hadley