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House Of Pain – Boiling Point – Night 1 – 16/02/13 – By Georgy Bloomfield

House Of Pain – Boiling Point – Night 1 – 16/02/13

*Results from the HOP Night 1 show + Twitter Notes*

Joe Conners vs Guise acc by Zukov the Russian Bear
Lovely opening bout, Connors strong start and crowd work, guise taking the advantage after interference. Guise takes the win after a great comeback from Conners assisted by the Russian. Beat down, Connors saved by Stixx.

Shawshank vs Mr Tasche (moustachio) (who reminds me of a cross between bakewells and tashley reed.)
Mr tasche pins shawshank with a german into roll up.

Wrestling! Lots of chants led by Dale

The German sensation Jurgen Heimlich acc by Guise vs Zak Northern.
Guise sent to the back after interference. Fast paced and flippy Zak. Double cross body and down. Jurgen wins with the “heimlich manoeuvre” another beat down conners makes the save with chair in hand.

Freddie Nova & “The President” Money Benjamin vs ‘The Prodigy’ Paul Malen & El Ribo
Paul Malen and El Ribo won after Nova sprayed his own partner in the eyes.

Stixx acc by Conners & Northern vs Zukov acc by Guise & Kurgen (all were then banned from ringside)
Fighting up into the commentary area – tea cups!!  Stixx hit the AA for a sure pin but was cut off and attacked by the European Union – Conners and Northern make the save, setting up a 6 man for April 14th in Castle Donnington.

6 Man Team. ‘Liquid Smooth Sumo of Soul’ Heavy J, Diamond Dave Andrews & The Heat LJ Heron vs i-Candy (Luscious Lucas Black & Flex Buffington) & Max Angelus.
Dance off, Max cheating throughout in true treacherous form. Heavy J takes the pin after his patented Bubba Bomb.

Georgy Bloomfield