Feb 06

Attack! Pro Wrestling – “We Do It For The Money, Obviously” DVD Review by Graham Beadle

We Do It For The Money, Obviously.

We Do It For The Money, Obviously.

As I’m restricting myself to only attending 1 show per month, my wrestling fix is being filled by watching DVD’s from the various feds around the British Isles. Add that to the fact that my wrestling fed is called the Comic Wrestling Alliance, I thought it only right that I review the DVD’s of the feds we’re in communication with. So over the next few weeks I’ll be writing up reviews of shows by Attack! Pro Wrestling, Future Pro Wrestling, Preston City Wrestling, Futureshock Wrestling, Progress Wrestling and IPW-UK (if Dan gets some DVD’s made up of the recent events).

First up is Attack! Pro Wrestling. “We do it for the money, obviously”

Match 1: ‘Wild Boar’ Mike Hitchman vs ‘Flash’ Morgan
Good solid opener. I’d seen Boar a few times live and had always been impressed, whereas Flash I’d only seen via youtube at this point. Wild Boar, despite being the heel seemed to have a decent following within the audience, whereas ‘Flash’ who came to the ring as ‘Lionhat’ (a nod I guess to Lionheart, made by wearing a daft furry lion hat) worked hard throughout to encourage vocal support from the folks in the venue. The initial exchanges were crisp, as both men move really well and had a good chemistry. A couple of moves got away from them but didn’t detract from the match overall. The only bugbear I had was with Boar selling a headscissors from Flash that missed, totally. The hat came into play later with Boar working to turn the crowd against him by putting it on and asking the crowd if it was funny, then manhandling the ref when he retrieved it. It did the trick as the support became less divided from that point. The last few minutes of the match were frenetic, as they should be, with a number of near falls, but Boar eventually prevailed with his devastating Small Package Piledriver.

Match 2: Kev Dunphy & Adam Day vs Delta Rush jnr & Tiger Kid
The down match of the card. I can’t fault the effort of any of the guys, but there were a number of missed moves and near botches and the match didn’t flow particularly well. Self proclaimed ‘King of the Clothesline’ Dunphy used the nationality card to good effect to get heat, but I never felt invested in the match and my kids who have also watched the dvd felt the same, even to the point of questioning why the faces were cheating with regards the time taken with both wrestlers in the ring on a tag. They did however like the cloud on Delta Rush jnr’s mask. The ending was a bit of a mess as well with a mistake from the ref, counting three to the canvas but only calling two. I’m still not sure if the match was supposed to end at this point or not, but it got chants of ‘sack the ref’ from the crowd. All four guys were a bit raw and it’ll be interesting to watch them develop over future DVD’s but a way to go for now.  As an additional note, and an anal one to boot, that wasn’t just picked up by me but my kids as well, Tigers don’t live in Africa so playing the tune from Lion King as entrance music doesn’t work.

Match 3: ‘Pride of Wales’ Eddie Dennis vs ‘Flying’ Mike Bird
Match of the night, which considering Andrews vs Dunne was also on the card is high praise. These two worked an absolutely wonderful old school Slugfest, with the action spending a fair time out of the ring with ladders and the scenery in general coming into play, we were genuinely wincing at the slam on the ladder. Considering both guys are big men, they’re both quick and surprisingly agile and surprised me with the nature of the match as it followed a different path, and a far more enjoyable one, to that which I had expected. Bird was working as the heel, with Dennis hugely over but it’d be easy to see Bird as a face as the crowd appreciated him whilst never getting behind him. Throughout the match I couldn’t decide which way the result would drop with a number of close finishes, especially the Piledriver by Bird, leaving me and the boys on the edge of our seats, well the bed actually. I won’t give the result as I don’t want to spoil the match for anyone that picks up the DVD on the basis of this review. Move of the match though, was definitely the mid air catch followed by a release suplex by Dennis. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more of these guys on other cards around the UK as both combined to deliver a well constructed, paced and exciting match.

Match 4: Jeff Cornell vs ‘Delicious’ Damian Dunne
First up, I had a few issues with the verbal exchanges with the crowd on this one. There were a good number of kids at the event so some of his comments were inappropriate. Comments like ‘I’m going to break his neck’, ‘Sheep Shaggers’ and a few others didn’t sit well with me, having my kids watching it with me. With regards the action, it took a while to get going and I wasn’t wholly convinced by Dunnes ‘beautiful’ heel gimmick. It never felt like he really knew how to deliver the goods with it, maybe he should watch Kris Travis or Max Angelus for tips I reckon. What Dunne does have though is oodles of talent and potential and at times this really shone through. Cornell though put me in mind of a raw version of Terry Frazier, he certainly didn’t seem out of place in the match but despite both wrestlers being decent the match never really grabbed me and the boys so gets an OK rating from us. Not a problem though as you wouldn’t want something to blow you away at this point in the show as the main event was to come next. Dunne bagged the unpopular victory.

Match 5: ‘White Lightning’ Mark Andrews vs ‘Dynamite’ Pete Dunne
Main event time. Any one that follows my facebook page will be aware of the fact that I’m a massive fan of
both of these guys and they didn’t fail to deliver. Whether with clever holds, submissions and escapes, high flying antics or with near finishes, there wasn’t a point in which we weren’t gripped by this. It’s a shame you can’t have two match of the nights as this one came very close.  If I thought Dennis was over with the fans I hadn’t reckoned on the greeting awaiting Mark Andrews entrance, but as he started off wrestling for NWA Hammerlock in the same venue as this event and was born and raised in Cardiff I guess that’s only to be expected. Dunne got the opposite, as a hell should. There was to be no polarised crowd here. During the match I was pleased to see Andrews get airborne on a couple of occasions as Andrews ‘flying’ is always a joy, I mean the guy gets a chant going by pointing at his boot and his Shooting Star press that adorns the DVD cover is a sight to behold, but it wasn’t just Andrews that made this one. Dunne truly is one of the very best youngsters in the UK and here at CWA we’re really pleased to here about his upcoming stint with Michinoku Pro and in this match he was crisp, fast and effective, using enough underhand tactics and banter to establish himself well and truly as the heel without going too far so as to break the ebb and tide of the match. It really is hard to believe these guys are this good at twenty and nineteen respectively. The match built well to an insanely frantic last few minutes and I reckon a lot of folk who watch this will rate this as their MOTN. Once again I’ll withhold the result in case you pick it up.

So overall what do we reckon, we’ve got 2 very good matches, a good solid opener, 1 ok match and 1 poor.  It’s not going to get an ‘oh my god you’ve got to see this show’ recommendation, but it does get a jump on board with the fed call.  This is the first of their DVD releases, the production values are reasonable although it does lack for commentary and there’s some really nice stuff scattered amongst the matches. What does stand out is that the fans really cared about what was going on in ring and when fans are invested in a fed, the fed is doing something right. I’m sticking with Attack! Pros future releases off the back of this event as the roster is young and has bucket loads of talent and potential, maybe you should too.

Graham Beadle