Jan 29

Progress Chapter 5 – 27-01-2013

Danny Garnell vs Stixx
Garnell wins with a lovely spiked tornado DDT off the middle rope in a solid opener

Wild Boar Hitch vs Earl Jonathan Windsor
Windsor gets the dubious win with a fast count from the new Progress referee. Good debut from Windsor, disappointed we didn’t see Hitchman’s piledriver finish

Nathan Cruz vs Rampage Brown
Cruz beats Brown with a rollup, a handful of tights and assistance from the ropes. Excellent match, the chops were brutal! Cruz also debuted his security guard Thug

El Ligero vs Dave Mastiff
Ligero wins by technical knockout after using a triangle choke. Amazing match.

RJ Singh vs Dazzler Darrel Allen
Allen beats Singh in an amazing match. Bhangra Knights are reunited, and Singh’s entourage are ran off

London Riots vs LDRS
Riots beat LDRS with their powerbomb finisher. Brutal match, very hard hitting. Amazing.

Charman Morris