Jan 29

FutureShock #64 – 27/01/2013

FutureShock Wrestling #64 – Stockport Masonic Guild Hall – 27-01-2013

Results + Twitter Notes

Sonna Durson vs Mark Massa
Mark Massa gets the win with a massive reverse FU (into a flapjack)

8 Man Tag Match – The Models, CJ Banks & Nordic Warrior vs Notorious BAD & Project Ego
Just seen one of the funniest ‘simulated gay sex in the corner’ spots ever!
Martin Kirby gets the win for his team after EGO hit a double team slam on Danny Hope

April Davids Open Challenge for the FutureShock Womens Title – Nikki Storm accepts.
April Davids vs Nikki Storm
A pair of vicious dropkicks from April to Nikki, who is seated in the crowd.
Nikki escapes a kimura after getting her feet on the rope.
After Nikki kicks out of a superplex, April locks in an arm bar for the submission victory.

Tag Team Grudge Match – Cyanide & Chris Egan vs Simon Valour & Josh Bodom
Chris Egan announces an additional tag team partner…..Dave Rayne
Cyanide drops Valour with a MASSIVE powerbomb
Simon Valour takes Egans head off with a brutal larriet
Vicious DDT from Bodom to Rayne on the apron.
Chris Egan gets the win after Cyanide hits Valor with a Choke Bomb

Zack ‘Diamond’ Gibson vs Xander Cooper
Xander misses a moonsault as Zack rolls out the way.
Zack hits a nasty looking hook suplex on Xander into the corner.
Three superkicks from Cooper and Gibson won’t stay down.
Vicious larriet from Gibson
Suicide dive from Gibson to a seated Cooper on the outside.
A member of the security team attacks Gibson and slams him through the door. The distracted ref does the 10 count giving Cooper the win.

Sparx vs …….
Its announced that his opponent doesn’t deem him worthy so hasn’t turned up.

And now its time for Gman & Friends with The Blossom Twins

Main Event – Tag Team Title Match – The Wristlock Rovers vs The Blackpool Blonds(c)
Raynaldo reverses an armdrag into into a firemams carry/pin attempt
Raynaldo gets knocked to the outside & Axel runs him into the ring post.
After a miscomunication from the Rovers, the Blonds hit Blackpool Tower but Raynaldo kicks out.
Bringing a tag belt in, the ref gets distracted, allowing JD to hit Raynaldo with the other belt getting The Blackpool Blonds the win.

Now its time for the Trophy Tournament Presentation Ceremony with Cyanide
After Chris Egan demands Damian Smith award Cyanide the FutureShock Title, Zack Gibson comes out challenging Cyanide at #65
Xander Cooper comes out saying he just beat Zack so is the right full No1 Contender. Dave Rayne then comes out to say he is the greatest FutureShock champion EVER and should be in the title picture.
The 3 heels attack Gibson causing Valour & Bodom to cone out and make the save, a massive brawl ensues.
Damian Smith announces an 8 man 1 night, randomly drawn tournament for the vacant Futureshock Title at Futureshock #65

Another fantastic night at FutureShock the shows keep getting better. Cant wait till the 8 man tournament at #65.