Nov 24

NEWS #16 – 23-11-12

North East Wrestling Society Presents NEWS#16 – Peterlee Leisure Centre – 23-11-12

Results & Twitter Notes – A full podcast review will be being recorded today and will be online in the next few days.

Match 1 – Number 1 Contender Match – ‘The Showstealer’ Nathan Cruz vs ‘Seconds Out’ Tony Spitfire
‘Spitfire has been busted open #NEWS16
Cruz rolls through a top rope cross body from Spitfire & holds the ropes to get the pin.  Nathan Cruz is the Number 1 Contender

Match 2 – Jack Norton vs Cameron Kraze
Jack Norton wins with a choke slam after Kraze is distracted by his ‘partner’ Martin Kirby

‘Kirby cuts a promo on Kraze saying he is better. He tells Kraze to stay at ringside and watch his match. #NEWS16

Match 3 – Martin Kirby vs Caz Crash
Caz Crash hits a Cutter on Martin Kirby to get the win in his debut NEWS match

Match 4 – NEWS British Championship Match – Rampage Brown vs ‘The Mexican Sensation’ El Ligero (c)
‘Rampage suplexes Ligero through a row of chairs. #NEWS16
‘Ligero ducks a clothesline and Rampage takes out the ref #NEWS16
Nathan Cruz runs out to the ring as the ref is down and attacks Ligero.  Rampage covers Ligero as the ref comes too but the plucky Mexican kicks out.
El Ligero hits Rampage with C4L to get the win and retain the NEWS British Championship.

MAIN EVENT – NEWS Tag Team Title Match – The losing team must disband.
‘AJ Anderson comes out first stating that Max Heat has had to retire due to a serious knee injury. #NEWS16
Full Packs music hits and they try and make it a handicap match.
‘John Britain comes out to the ring to make it even. Britain & Anderson vs Full Pack (c) – If Full Pack lose they must disband #NEWS16
John Britain hits Iain Robinson with a massive elevated spine buster to win the match.  Britain & Anderson have become the NEW NEWS Tag Team Champions.  Full Pack are now over.  AJ gets on the mic and starts a ‘NaNa Na Na, Wa-a-ave Go-ood Bye’ chant at Full Pack as they leave the arena.

‘Another great night of wrestling. The best show in the north east. Congrats to all at @NEWS_Wrestling for another stella show.’