Nov 19

FutureShock Wrestling #63 – 18-11-2012

FutureShock Wrestling presents FutureShock#63 – Stockport Masonic Guild Hall

Quick Results + Twitter Notes – A podcast review of this show will be coming this week, a link will go up as soon as it is live.

‘More chairs being brought in, another jam packed@FutureShockWres show here for #63′

@FutureShockWres Damien Smith apologises for Davey Richards pulling out again. Davey has now been stripped of the title #daveywho

Match 1 – Trophy Tournament Semi Final – Josh Bodom vs Dave Rayne
@BritWresBlog Hip toss from the apron OVER the corner to floor :O’
After reversing DV8, Josh Bodom hits a massive stalling suplex to get the win and progresses to the Trophy Tournament Final

Match 2 – Trophy Tournament Semi Final – Cyanide w/Chris Egan vs Jonny Phere
Cyanide gets the win after hitting a brutal sit out choke bomb to progess to the Trophy Tournament Final.

It is now Josh Bodom vs Cyanide in the Trophy Tournament Final later in the show.

Match 3 – 8 Person Tag Match – CJ Banks, Nordic Warrior and Health & Safety vs Simon Valour, Sparx, Simon Perdan & April Davids
Dan Evans pins Simon Valour after Chris Egan interfears and hits Valour with a DDT

Match 4 – Grudge Match – Stixx Vs Zack ‘Diamond’ Gibson
After a brutal match that went all over, Zack gets the victory with The Liver Driver.  Zack retains his No1 Contendership.

Match 5 – Tag Team Title Match – 4 Corner Elimination – Blackpool Blonds vs Wristlock Rovers vs Notorious BAD vs The Models (c)
Models eliminated.
Wristlock Rovers eliminated.
Blackpool Blonds hit Sean Daniels with The Blackpool Tower for the win and to become the NEW FutureShock Tag Team Champions

Match 6 – Trophy Tournament FINAL – Cyanide w/Chris Egan vs Josh Bodom
It took a splash, power bomb, choke bomb and Dave Rayne power bombing Josh through the merchandise table but Cyanide eventually got the 3 to become the new Trophy Tournament Winner.  Who ever has the belt next year better watch out with Cyanide in the running.

MAIN EVENT – Joe E Legend vs Jack Galagher
‘It is announced this is @GrappleDays Jack Galaghers last match before moving to Japan #thankyoujack #japanbound #futureshock63
After hitting a trio of diving head butts Jack gets the win. Joe E shakes Jacks hand after the match and gives him the mic to make a speech.  Jack says he isn’t a big fan of being on the mic, thanks everyone in attendance, says he has a try out for Zero1 and will be back in the future.  Jack gets a standing ovation from the fans & locker room.

‘Another amazing night at @FutureShockWres . Completley sold out + more seats brought out. Fuses blown. Merch table destroyed. Bring on 2013′

‘Enjoyed @JoshBodom vs @AlexCyanide , @AprilDavidsLT kicking crap out of 4 guys, @DamonLeigh blowing the fuses &@GrappleDays giving his all’