Oct 13

Rad:Pro Embryonix 1.3 – 13-10-2012

Rad:Pro Embryonix 1.3 – 13-10-2012

Match 1 – Alesandro Mori vs James Scott
James Scott destroys Alesandro with a Darkest Stomp

Match 2 – Kay Lee Ray vs Freya Frenzy
Kay Lee Ray gets the win with a widows peak slam.

Match 3 – Felis Atrox vs Rubix Roach
Rubix Roach dismantles Felis with an inverted F5 Neck Breaker to get the win.

Match 4 – Eddie Ryan vs Janus Centurian
Janus hits a float over neck breaker to get the win.

Match 5 – Vulture & Viper vs Team 4Front (Stevie Jones & Antonio)
Viper gets the win after hitting a second rope splash on Antonio

Match 6 – Loser Wear a Dress Career vs Career Match – Cabbie Klowaski vs Rabbit
Rabbit hits Cabbie with a diving Death Valley Driver into the corner and then a Swanton for the win.
Cabbie gets forced into the dress by Rabbit and is now gone from Rad:Pro pic.twitter.com/81of19XJ

Match 7 – Rad:Pro Heavyweight Title Match – Max Heat (c) vs Carbon
Carbon hits Max Heat with Carbon Copy for the win and to become the NEW Rad:Pro Champion.

Main Event – Rad:Pro Rumble

1 – Eddie Ryan
2 – James Scott
3 – Carbon
4 – Viper
5 – Janus Centurian
6 – Freya Frenzy
7 – Vulture
Janus eliminated
8 – Kay Lee Ray
Freya Frenzy eliminated
Vulture eliminated
Eddie Ryan eliminated
Carbon eliminated
9 – Alesandro Mori
10 – Stevie Jones
James Scott eliminated
Alesandro Mori eliminated
11 – Antonio
12 – Rabbit
Rabbit eliminated
Stevie eliminated
Antonio eliminated
Viper eliminated
The winner of the Rad:Pro Rumble – Kay Lee Ray

A review of this show has been recorded and I will be uploading it in the next day or so.