Oct 13

BritWres Blog Podcast – Episode 1 – My Ramblings on the state of North East Wrestling.

This was originally recorded more as notes for myself to aid in writing a blog about the state of the North East scene, but it did get away from me a bit and I think rather then transcribing it I am just going to upload it as it is.  It does lack structure as I hadn’t gone into it with the intention of it being heard, so please forgive the rambling nature of it, and if you must judge it do so on the content not the style.

I am hoping to do more of these as I did enjoy it, however future recordings will be more structured, and I will refer to notes.

So for now, until next time, please enjoy. (Right Click then ‘Save As’ on the Download link to download the mp3)


*Please note these are my honest opinions on what I have seen, some people will agree, others will disagree, but at the end of the day my opinion is my opinion*