Oct 12

FutureShock 62 – 07-10-2012

FutureShock Wrestling – Stockport Guild Hall – 07-10-2012

Match 1 – Trophy Tournament 1st Round – CJ Banks vs Josh Bodom

Josh Bodom destroys CJ Banks with a Brain Bustaah to progress in the Trophy Tournament

Match 2 – 8 Man Tag – Blackpool Blonds & The Models vs Wrist Lock Rovers & Notorious B.A.D.

Sam Bailey & Reynaldo pin both The Models simultaneously to get the win for their team.

Match 3 – Womens Title Match – Nikki Storm vs April Davids (c)

April Davids defeats Nikki Storm with a rear naked choke to retain.

Match 4 – Trophy Tournament 1st Round – Dave Rayne vs Kris Travis

Dave Rayne low blows Kris Travis before finishing him off with the DV8 for the 3 count

Match 5 – Trophy Tournament 1st Round – Martin Kirby vs Johhny Phere

Jonny Phere locks in a cross face on Kirby to get a submission victory

Match 6 – Trophy Tournament 1st Round – Cyanide vs Simon Valour

Cyanide hits Simon Valour with a massive Sit Out Choke Bomb to get the win.

The 4 competitors through to the next round of the Trophy Tournament, to take place at FutureShock 63 – Josh Bodom, Dave Rayne, Johnny Phere & Cyanide.  Dave Rayne is a previous Trophy Tournament winner and used it to win the FutureShock Heavy Weight title, can he achieve that again?

Main Event – Zack Diamond Gibson Open Challenge

Zack ‘Diamond’ Gibson vs STIXX vs Jack ‘The Grappler’ Galagher

Jack Galagher locks Stixx in a kimura and forces him to tap out. That was a phenomenal hard hitting match

After the match a video message from current FutureShock Heavy Weight Champion Davey Richards was played, explaining his absence from the show (he was originally booked in a rematch against Jack Galagher for the title).

Davey Richards Video Message