Oct 07

FutureShock International Super Show – 25-08-2012

FutureShock Wrestling – International Super Show – 25th August 2012
Match 1 – Josh Bodom vs BEDLAM
Bodom counters a slam attempt from BEDLAM and rolls him up for the 3 count.

Match 2 – CJ Banks, Cyanide & The Blackpool Blondes vs Wristlock Rovers & 2 Dimension
DDL hits Cyanide (yes CYANIDE!!!) with a Crucifix Power Bomb to get the victory for his team

Match 3 – FutureShock Womens Title Match – Jenny Sjodin vs April Davids (c)
Jenny Sjodins 3rd German Suplex gets countered into a roll up, April Davids retains the FutureShock Womens title.

Match 4 – Tag Team Title Match – Notorious B.A.D. vs The Models (c)
The Models retain after hitting a top rope 3D on Sam Bailey

Match 5 – CAGE MATCH – No1 Contender – Dave Rayne vs Zack ‘Diamond’ Gibson
Zack hits Dave with a cradle brain buster to give himself the chance to escape. Winner & NEW No1 Contender Zack ‘Diamond’ Gibson

MAIN EVENT – FutureShock Title Match – ‘The Grappler’ Jack Galagher (c) vs ‘The American Wolf’ Davey Richards
Both Richards & Galagher are played out to the ring by live musicians.
After a brutal back & forth match, Davey hits Jack with a massive kick to the side of the head knocking him out cold.
Davey Richards is the NEW FutureShock Champion.
Post match Jack is out in the ring for a fee minutes till staff are able to assist him out.