Oct 07

FutureShock 60 – 15-07-2012

FutureShock 60 – 15-07-2012

Match 1 – Tag Team Tournament – The Bhangra Knights vs Notorious B.A.D
Notorious BAD hit RJ Singh with the BDS for the win. They proceed to the Tag Team Tournament Final.

Match 2 – Womens Round Robin – Holly Blossom vs Charlotte Quinn
Holly Blossom gets the win after a big DDT.  Holly gets 3rd place Charlotte gets 4th. 1st & 2nd place to be decided later.

Match 3 – Tag Team Tournament – Health & Safety vs Blackpool Blondes
Blackpool Blondes hit Dan Evans with The Blackpool Tower to get the win. They proceed to the Tag Team Tournament Final.

Dave Rayne/Zack ‘Diamond’ Gibson International Supershow Cage Match Contract Signing
Dave & his legal council attack Zack after he signs the contract. Dave then signs the contract on the back of the downed Zack

Match 4 – Woments Round Robin – Jenn Sjodin vs Hannah Blossom. This match will determine 1st & 2nd place in the WRR.
Jenny Sjodin gets Hannah to tap with a German Arm Bar. Jenny is the No1 contender for the FutureShock Womens Title.
April Davids storms the ring and attacks Jenny laying in some vicious forearms.  April Davids Vs Jenny Sjodin at Interbationl Super Show

Tag Team Tournament Final – Notorious B.A.D. vs The Blackpool Blondes
Notorious B.A.D win after hitting BDS. They will now challenge The Models for the tag titles at International Super Show
The Models attack B.A.D. after the match, hitting Sam Bailey with a 3D

LAST CHANCE SALOON RUMBLE – Winner gets a match at International Super Show
No1 – Cyanide.
No2 – Josh Bodom
No3 – Nordic Warrior
No4 – RJ Singh
No5 – Bubblegum
No6 – Danial Evans
No7 – Mike Fitzgerald
RJ Singh eliminated
No8 – Simon Valour
Cyanide eliminates Simon Valour.
Simon Valour eliminates Cyanide.
No9 – Raynaldo
No10 – Carl Clinch
No11 – Alexander Cooper.
Micheal Fitzgerald eliminated.
Alexander Cooper eliminated.
No12 – Sparx
Dan Evans eliminated.
No 13 – DDL.
Nordic Warrior eliminated.
Raynaldo eliminated.
Carl Clinch eliminated.
No14 – Daryl Allan.
No 15 – Mark Massa
Sparx Eliminated. DDL eliminated.
Bodom, Bubblegum, Allen & Massa. The final 4.
Daryl Allan eliminated.
Bubblegum eliminated.
Mark Massa eliminated.
Josh Bodom is the last man standing and he is going to International Super Show to face BEDLAM
Wrapping a chain round his arm, BEDLAM viciously larriets Josh Bodom

MAIN EVENT – FUTURESHOCK TITLE MATCH – ‘The Juice’ CJ Banks vs ‘The Grappler’ Jack Gallagher (c)
The winner of this match will face Davey Richards at International Super Show
CJ Banks gets the 3 count on Jack, but the match is restarted as Jacks foot was on the rope.
Jack Gallagher defeats CJ Banks with a Triangle Choke.  Jack will now face Davey Richards at International Super Show for the FutureShock Title

Line of the night from the commentary table ‘It’s taken 3 men to get Jenny Sjodin off.’