Feb 25

NEWS #13 – Unlucky For Some – 24-02-12

NEWS 13 – Unlucky For Some – Peter Lee Leisure Centre – 24-02-12

Match 1 – Nathan Cruz vs Tony Spitfire
Tony Spitfire defeats Nathan Cruz with a flying cross body from the top turn-buckle.

Match 2 – Micky Long vs Max Heat
Micky Long defeats Max Heat with a devastating Cradle Piledriver

Match 3 – Iain Robinson vs AJ Anderson
Iain Robinson defeats AJ Anderson with a Moonsault.
Full Pack challenge Fast & Furious for the Tag Titles for May 25th.  AJ says lets up the odds and make it a STEEL CAGE MATCH

Match 4 – Lowthian Open Challenge.  Answered by the returning Cameron Kraze.
Lowthian destroys Cameron Kraze with No Further Action for the win.

Match 5 – Dead Reckoning vs Robbie Ryder & Carbon
Robbie Ryder & Carbon win after Robbie hits a Frog Splash on Jack Norton

Main Event – NEWS British Heavyweight Title Match – Collosus Kennedy vs El Ligero (c)
El Ligero defeats Collosus Kennedy after a sneaky chair shot & frog splash.
Lowthian attacks El Ligero after the match.  He announces NEWS Management have granted him a title shot on May 25th.