May 30

NEWS #14 – 2nd Anniversary Show – May 25th 2012: New Tag Champs, Ligero Retains, Lowthian Fired!

NEWS #14 – 2nd Anniversary Show – 25-05-2012 – Peterlee Leisure Centre <Pre Show Preview>

Quick Results:
NEWS Tag Team Title Match – Full Pack defeated AJ Anderson to capture the NEWS Tag Team Titles after interference from the ringside photographer.
Dragon Ryders (Lewis ‘The Dragon’ Chambers & ‘The Rank Outsider’ Robbie Ryder) defeated the team of ‘Mr Bad Attitude’ Martin Kirby & Cameron Kraze
Rampage Brown defeated Doug Williams
‘The Showstealer’ Nathan Cruz defeated ‘Seconds Out’ Tony Spitfire
Double Impact (Micky ‘The’ Mann & Tyle McQuade) defeated Dead Reckoning (Jack Norton & John Britain)
NEWS British Heavyweight Championship Loser Leaves Town Match – ‘The Mexican Sensation’ El Ligero defeated ‘The Tyneside Titan’ Lowthian to retain the NEWS British Championship and cause Lowthian to be fired.

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NEWS Tag Team Title Match
Handicap Tag Match
AJ Anderson (Representing Fast & Furious)(c) vs Full Pack (‘Heart Throb’  Iain Robinson & Micky L)

Fifteen months ago Fast & Furious faced of against Full Pack in the very first NEWS Tag Team Ladder Match <Watch it here>.  After a hard fought battle AJ Anderson was able climb the ladder and retrieve the titles, crowning Fast & Furious the very first NEWS Tag Team Champions.  Over the last 15 months both teams have faced off a number of times, in various tag & singles matches, always pushing each other to the limit.  Due to this extreme level of competition Max Heat aggravated an injury during a training session in preparation for this match.  This injury, caused in part by a vicious attack at the hands of Dead Reckoning, has sidelined Max on a number of occasions leaving AJ Anderson to defend the titles single handed.  A previous solo title defence caused AJ to lose the titles to Dead Reckoning, regaining the titles 2 short months later with the help of a returning Max Heat.  Once again AJ steps up to defend the Tag Titles alone against his arch rivals, Full Pack.  He might be on his own in the ring but he does have the crowd in his corner.
Full Pack are out first, unfazed by the usual chorus of Boo’s that follow them.  This brash and cocky duo make their way round the ring, antagonizing fans as they go, Micky even stopping to pose & flex for some unsuspecting females in the front row.  Once Full Pack get in the ring AJ is announced and the crowd go wild, AJ is a firm fan favorite and has been ever since NEWS debuted 2 years ago. (*TRIVIA* AJ Anderson & Iain Robinson are the only roster members to appear on all 14 NEWS shows to date).  The match is very back and forth, AJ fighting valiantly to try to retain his titles.  Both sides come close to winning on a number of occasions but neither side are willing to stay down.  AJ hits the spine buster and Full Pack hit the dream sequence both to no avail.  AJ finally gets the upper hand and is setting up for the super kick when the ringside photographer climbs on the ring apron and distracts AJ by asking for a picture.  She then proceeds to throw powder in his eyes.  Blind & disorientated AJ staggers backwards, directly into the clutches of Micky L, who picks him up and hits him with a cradle tombstone to get the 3 count.  Full Pack celebrate in the ring with their new associate as they have finally captured the prize that has alluded them for 15 months.  As they leave to further boo’s, AJ is helped up and the crowd cheer his valiant effort.  This won’t be the end of the Full Pack/Fast & Furious rivalry, just the beginning of a new chapter.
An exciting match and a great way to start the show.  The crowd were solidly behind AJ from the get go.

Dragon Ryders (Lewis ‘The Dragon’ Chambers & ‘The Rank Outsider’ Robbie Ryder) vs ‘Mr Bad Attitude’ Martin Kirby & Cameron Kraze
A short while ago Dragon Ryders  were almost no more after a serious back injury threatened to end the career of Lewis ‘The Dragon’ Chambers.  Luckily he was able to heal up and get himself back in the ring,  teaming once again with ‘The Rank Outsider’ Robbie Ryder.  They faced off against the team of Martin Kirby, who after losing multiple times to El Ligero is wanting to climb back up the NEWS ranks, & Cameron Kraze, making his second appearance since his unexpected return at NEWS 13.  This is not the Cameron Kraze of old, the man who used to lead The Order Of Chaos into battle, this is a new, rule abiding, Cameron Kraze.  This is non more evident then when he admonishes Martin Kirby for his cheating ways.  Kraze would not be a party to Kirby trying to cheat when the referees back was turned.  This lack of cohesion between Kraze & Kirby allowed the Dragon Ryder to get the victory.  After the match Kraze shook the hands of both his opponents, & raised their arms in victory.

Doug Williams vs Rampage Brown
An unsuccessful second outing for TNA Star Doug Williams as he was beaten by the debuting, former WWE/FCW superstar, Rampage Brown.  Both men attempted to best each other over and over with Rampage finally getting the win after a giant fall away slam.  A great way for Rampage to introduce himself to the NEWS crowd, he is certainly going to be someone to watch in the coming months, especially since he has already been announced for the No1 Contender Rumble on July 27th.

‘The Showstealer’ Nathan Cruz vs ‘Seconds Out’ Tony Spitfire
A rematch from NEWS 13:Unlucky For Some, ‘The Showstealer’ was able to avenge his loss against the veteran Spitfire.
As always these two put on a solid match, I have yet to see a bad match featuring either of these stellar competitors.

Double Impact (Micky ‘The’ Mann & Tyle McQuade) vs Dead Reckoning (Jack Norton & John Britain)
A debut can be a harrowing thing, even more so when that debut is against a team of 6’5 giants.  Double Impact were able to hold their own against Dead Reckoning, injuring the ribs of John Britain during the match, limiting his attacking ability.  Constantly on the attack, both McQuade & Mann chopped down their opponents with vicious leg kicks, eventually knocking Jack Norton off the apron and taking advantage of the injured John Britain for the win.  A great outing for the debuting team,  a great night for NEWS debuted full stop.  After the match Norton left his fallen comrade laying in the ring, walking off in disgust.

NEWS British Heavyweight Championship Match
Loser Leaves Town
‘The Tyneside Titan’ Lowthian vs ‘The Mexican Sensation’ El Ligero (c)
Earlier in the night Lowthian interrupted the show to announce he had spoke to NEWS management and a stipulation has been added to his title match with El Ligero.  The match is now not only for the title, but it is also Loser Leaves Town, whomever loses will be fired from NEWS.  Lowthian tells the crowd he is going to take the title and get rid of El Ligero from NEWS for good.
Faced with a cacophony of boo’s as he walks out of the curtain, ‘The Tyneside Titan’ gets in the faces of the crowd, intimidating anyone who gets in his way.  A totally opposite reaction hits when El Ligero emerges from the curtain, the crowd love him.  T-shirts baring his likeness, signs baring his name, this is who the fans came to see.  As the competitors are introduced in the ring, Lowthian attacks El Ligero, starting the match off with a bang.  For the most part, the ‘Geordie Juggernaut’ uses his size & strength advantageously, keeping El Ligero grounded.  ‘The Mexican Sensation’ is able to stagger the big man a few times, knocking him over the top rope to the floor.  As Lowthian rights himself, El Ligero launches himself over the rope, into Lowthians waiting arms.  Yelling at the fans to clear the way, Lowthian hurls the prone El Ligero through the first 3 rows of chairs.  Lowthain continues his vicious assault on the champion, getting him back in the ring and hitting No Further Action.  With the support of the sold out Peterlee crowd Ligero manages to kick out at 2 7/8’s.  The battle continues until El Ligero is able to get the big man off his feet and keep him down for the 3 count.  El Ligero clutches his belt in the ring, another hard fought victory is gained.  Lowthian protests the decision, but his NEWS career is now over.   He leaves the arena, telling the NEWS fans where they can stick it.