Nov 29

27 – IWF – 29-11-11

TY opens the show by announcing his legitimate retirement.  All the best to TY in his future.
Match 1 – Adam Christ vs Martin Kirby Adam Christ wins by BackCracker
Match 2 – Marcus Starr defeats Vulture
Match 3 – Hot Ed & Jed Masters vs Kitty Morgan & Bret Eagle : Kitty Morgan defeats Jed Masters after interference from an unidentified woman, with TY reversing the pin.
Stevie Lafferty comes out and announces he is currently on the shelf.  Marc Anthony comes out and PowerBombs him.

Match 4 – Tag Title Match – The Best Around (c) vs Los Progidios
Lucas Marvel gets the pin on Prodigio whilst holding the ropes.

Match 5 – Fracture The Clown defeats Cabbie Klowaski with a flip DDT.
Match 6 – Big Kris defeats Steve Redback (after he switches with Mike). Big Kris lays down a challenge to face Assassin.
Match 7 – A match 5 years in the making – Robbie Ryder vs Micky L
Robbie Ryder defeats Mickey L after a Tornado DDT & Bicycle kick.