Sep 27

25 – SWE – 24-09-11

Southside Wrestling Entertainment ~ Retribution 2 – Huntingdon Commemoration Hall, Huntingdon, Cambs – 24/09/11

T-Bone vs ‘Special Edition’ Joseph Conners

T-Bone defeats Joseph Conners with an FU.

Robbie X vs Ego Dragon
Ego Dragon hits Robbie X with a super kick for the win.

Pro Wrestling Eve Match – Rhia O’Reilly vs Super Janey B
Janey B taps out Rhia O’Riley after she transitions from a head scissors into an arm bar.

Kris Travis vs Marty Scurll
Kris Travis hits Marty Scurll with a low blow then small packages him for the 3 count.

NEWS British Championship Match – Lowthian vs El Ligero (c)
El Ligero retains the NEWS British Title after Lowthian was disqualified following interference from Ego Dragon. After the match Lowthian hits El Ligero with No Further Action.

Prince Ameen & Cameron Kraze vs Mad Man Manson & Martin Kirby
Manson & Kirby defeated Kraze & Ameen when Manson rolled Kraze up for the 3.

Southside Title Match – Greg Burridge vs Valkabious (c)
Greg Burridge defeats Valkabious after reversing the KabiousDriver into a sunset flip to become the NEW Southside Champion. After the match Valkabious challenges Burridge to a rematch.  Before Burridge can respond T-Bone comes out and states he is currently the No1 Contender, so he is next in line for a title shot, not Valkabious.  To settle this Burridge gets on the mic and makes it a Hardcore Three Way Dance at the SWE 1st Anniversary Show.