Sep 26

24 – NEWS – 23-09-11

North East Wrestling Society – Peterlee Leisure Centre – 23-09-11

Dragon Ryders (Lewis ‘The Dragon’ Chambers & ‘The Rank Outsider’ Robbie Ryder) vs Full Pack (‘Heart Throb’ Iain Robinson & Micky L)
Full Pack defeat Dragon Ryders after Iain Robinson hit Robbie Ryder in the head with a chair allowing Micky L to get a roll up.

International Challenge Match – ‘Cry Baby ‘Chad Collyer vs ‘Seconds Out’ Tony Spitfire
Tony Spitfire defeats Chad Colyer with a bridging pin.

NEWS Tag Title Handicap Match – AJ Anderson (c) vs Dead Reckoning
Dead Reckoning defeat AJ Anderson with a double chokeslam to become the NEW NEWS Tag Team Champions.

Lowthian Open Challenge
Lowthian comes out to the ring, grabs the mic and starts ranting about how Iceman isn’t man enough to face him but they have done something to get Icemans attention.  Lowthians manager Julian Werther Chambers drags out Icemans son, who has had his hands bound, and Lowthian proceeds to destroy him with a Big Boot and vicious punches to the head.  All the while JWC is filming this vicious assault.  Incited Iceman charges to the ring from the backstage area, where he had been visiting with friends, and tries to get to Lowthian.  He is restrained by security & other wrestlers.  Eventually Lowthian leaves the ring as Iceman throws off the Security and gets in the ring to tend to his son.  Iceman gets on the mic and challenges Lowthian to a Last Man Standing match for 25th November in Peterlee. ~Read NEWS Managements Statement regarding this attack & the challenge~

Highlander vs Scott Maverick
Highlander defeats Scott Maverick after hitting The Tower Of London.

30Minute Iron Man Match for the NEWS British Championship- Martin Kirby vs El Ligero(c)
El Ligero defeats Martin Kirby 6 to 4 to retain the NEWS British Title.

JWC comes out to the ring, and says his mother always told him ‘If you want something done right, then do it yourself’, he challenges El Ligero to a Title vs Career match right there and then.

Title vs Career match – El Ligero (c) vs Julian Werther Chambers
As the bell rings El Ligero hits JWC with a super kick, he then climbs the ropes and hits a big splash for the 1..2… he pulls JWC’s shoulder off the mat, instead putting him in a Crossface, making JWC Tap.  The NEWS Security Team then ‘assist’ JWC out of the ring and towards the door.  JWC resists which brings EL Ligero out of the ring,  grabbing JWC and throwing him unceremoniously out of the fire door, both literally & figuratively closing the door on JWC’s NEWS career.