Aug 16

23 – DPW – 06/08/11

Match 1 – DPW No1 Contendership – Joey Hayes vs Prince Mohmed Ameen
Joey Hayes defeats Mohmed Ameen after hitting a flying cross body from the top rope. Joey is still the No1 Contender
Match 2 – Jack Galagher vs Danny Hope
Jack Galagher defeats Danny Hope after a low blow & a SharpShooter
Match 3 – Rockstar Spud vs Cameron Kraze
Rockstar Spuds Epic 3 Minute Pose http://twitpic.com/620ce0
Cameron Kraze beats Spud with a big half nelson CamSlam. Cameron then announces his retirement from DPW.
Match 4 – DPW Tag Team Title Match – Martin Kirby (c) vs The Myatt Legacy
Martin Kirby defeats Keith Myatt with a Roll Up to retain the DPW Tag Titles.
Main Event – NGW Heavyweight Title Match – Nathan Cruz (c) Vs El Ligero
CJ Banks gets added to the match making it a 3 Way Dance.
Nathan Cruz beats El Ligero with a vicious Big Boot to retain the NGW Heavyweight Title. The crowd were on their feet for 2/3s of the match.