Mar 12

IPW:UK Zack vs Hero DVD review by Dave Bodymore

IPW:UK’s latest DVD release see’s them debut at The Angel Centre in Tonbridge Wells with all 3 titles on the line and 2 huge International Singles matches.

The show opens with the All England tite on the line as the champion, and Peter Pan of British Wrestling, Jonny Storm defends his gold against Mark Haskins and Marty Scurll. With all three men having earnt themselves excellent reputations around the UK it seemed a safe bet that this would be an excellent opener to the show and we are not disappointed. Whilst quite even in the early goings, Haskins and Scurll quickly manage to remove Storm from the ring and keep him out quite successfully for a large portion of the match. Whilst initially looking like this could prevent Storm from retaining he manages to turn it to his advantage and retain his title after hitting the Wonderwhirl on Scurll.

In the second contest of the evening Kris Travis and Rampage Brown fight it out for a place in semi-final of the British National Championship. Strangely Brown, who is your archetypal heel, was the face in this contest but Rampage shows just how good a performer he is as he naturally plays the good guy against the comedy heels of Kris Travis and his manager for the night and tag team partner Martin Kirby. After trying, and failing, to knock Brown down Travis takes the advice of Kirby who says that he has seen the Discovery channel and bears can’t see you so you need to play dead. Brown, full of sarcasm, walks round the ring saying “Oh No, Where did he go?”

Further antics, including an attempt at a swap which involved Martin Kirby with a mop on his head, were not enough and the larger Brown picked up the win and advanced in the British National Championship by hitting a running powerslam.

Earl Jonathan Windsor came to the ring following this match to hold his inaugural ‘Earl’s Court’ segment. He smugly tells the crowd that 2013 was somewhat of a breakout year for him and that he has long been the future of IPW:UK. However, he believes that he is no longer the future and is now the present for IPW:UK and that 2014 will be the year he wins the All England and World title’s as no one is better than him.

Danny Garnell, a former world champion himself, was unwilling to listen to this any longer and comes to the ring and, despite only recently healing up from back and knee injuries, challenges Windsor to a match. Initially, Windsor refuses to fight but after jumping Garnell he decides that it is his perogative to change his mind and accepts the challenge issued by Garnell. Despite all his dirty tricks and shortcuts Earl Jonathan Windsor could not over power Garnell, who earnt himself the win with a DDT.

The first of the nights two International Singles matches is next as Dave Mastiff battles wrestling’s favourite Irishman Prince Devitt, who is complete with what is swiftly becoming his trademark bodyart. It is very rare that you see any competitor match Mastiff for power and strikes but, despite his much slighter form, Devitt does exactly that. The two men battled back and forth in a very even contest and even a brainbuster and two double footstomps were not enough to keep Mastiff down as he beat Devitt with his monstrous cannonball in the

It was then the turn of new World champion and IPW:UK fan favourite Paul Robinson to come to the ring and address the crowd and announce his first title defence. Robinson said that holding that title has been a dream since his debut 9 years earlier and that his first defence would be against SWA Heavyweight champion Damien O’Connor at the next IPW:UK show. This did not sit well with The Mexican Eagle, who came to the ring to make his feelings known. However he wasn’t allowed to be his usual chirpy self, as Robinson said he knew how this worked and, whilst taking off his normal clothes to reveal his wrestling gear, issued a challenge to himself from The Mexican Eagle, which he then accepted.

The Mexican Eagle tried his best to end the reign of Robinson before it had really had an opportunity to begin but Paul was succesful in his first title defence, retaining his title by hitting his awesome Shooting Star Press.

In the penultimate match of the night the final title match took place as the Bhangra Knights defended against long time rivals The London Riots, in a no disqualification, bat match. As tends to be the case when these two tandems face off, the match quickly spilled to the outside. Whilst many would expect this to be the perfect environment for Lynch and Davis to excel, Singh and Allen were certainly not fazed and took the fight to the Riots. But a turn of events that no one in the crowd saw coming ensured victory for Lynch and Davis, as Darrell Allen dropkicked RJ Singh instead of hitting their Bhangra Buster finisher and allowing the London Riots to hit a double team powerbomb and become the new IPW:UK tag team champions.

The Main event saw the second of the night’s International singles matches take place as former WWE developmental star and world traveller Chris Hero faced England’s greatest export in recent years Zack Sabre Jr. For many the old technical style does not fit into a modern day show but Hero and Zack showed how this style can be done in a modern way to captivate the audience and show the true art of professional wrestling. As both men went hold for hold and produced some fantastic reversals the crowd clapped as if they were straight out of the World of Sport era or transported from a Japanese arena. Zack Sabre Jr was the winner at the end of an excellent encounter, winning with a truly savage looking arm bar.

When this DVD finishes you can’t help but be pleased with your  purchase as the show itself offers a great mix of matches and wrestling and the quality of the DVD production quality does not leave the bad taste that some can. The overall feel could be enhanced by the addition of commentators, but this is a very minor thing in the grand scheme and one that I am sure IPW:UK will have already considered.

You can purchase the DVD from www.ipwuk.com/shop for £12.99.