Feb 01

‘Progress Wrestling: Chapter 10 Glory Follows Virtue As If It Were Its Shadow’ review by Dave Bodymore


Each time Progress wrestling run a show they continue to get better and better and ‘Chapter 10: Glory Follows Virtue As If It Were Its Shadow’ was certainly no different. The show opened with the debuting Mikey Whiplash taking on wXw unified champion Tommy End. The pair gave us a fantastic, back and forth technical bout to open the show which was enjoyed by the crowd and was a pleasure to watch. Tommy End won the match with a big double foot stomp and I am sure that we will be seeing plenty more of both men after such a good match.

Credit Rob Brazier. It’s conga time at Chapter 10.

The second match of the night showed just how variable the matches at Progress can be. Not in terms of match quality, as I have yet to see a bad match on a Progress show, but in terms of the type of match that is offered to the dedicated fans. In the first match of the new tag team title tournament, Project Ego faced the unhinged pairing of Grado and, another debutant, Mad Man Manson. With all four men very comfortable playing the fool it was always likely that this match would descend into madness. I honestly feel words cannot do this match justice and you actually need to see the antics to believe them. These antics inlcude Mad Man Manson and Martin Kirby running a slow motion spot, Manson snorting some interesting white powder and referee Chris Roberts leading a conga line of all four wrestlers and many members of the crowd. Martin Kirby rolled up Manson after the conga to win the match for Project Ego and see them through to the next stage of the tag tournament.

Following the antics of the previous match was Doug Williams and Screw Indy Wrestlings Nathan Cruz. Since Williams has returned to the UK from his stint with TNA he has been welcomed with open arms by Progress management and fans alike and in return he has given them some excellent matches. Cruz on the other hand has done anything but endear himself to the crowd and is more than happy use any means necessary to get himself a victory. Doug Williams got himself the win hitting the Chaos Theory and showing everyone that he still has plenty to offer at Progress and within British Wrestling as a whole.

Before the show began Mark Haskins came to the ring annoyed that he did not have a match on the show that night. He came to the ring and announced that he would be holding the first Mark Haskins invitational and that anyone could challenge him and fight the best wrestler around. The Progress management pulled some strings and managed to get the Adam Cole, current ROH and PWG champion and one of the best indy wrestlers in the world today, to accept Haskins challenge and the two men put on a fantastic match for the Progress faithful. Haskins worked Cole’s arm throughout the match trying to set up his armbar finish but it was Adam Cole that eventually picked up the win with a Brainbuster onto his knee to get the pinfall.

Credit Rob Brazier. The Riots spear Darrell Allen right in front of the Progress fans.

Match five was the grudge match between The Bhangra Knights and The London Riots. These four men have plenty of history with each other not only in Progress but in other promotions and they went at it relentlessly in this match. With the London Riots not officially part of the roster and playing a part in the ruthless attack of promoter Jim Smallman were afforded none of the usual courtesies as they made their way to the ring in silence with the whole crowd having turned their backs on them. Singh and Allen didn’t give the Riots time to settle and attacked them before they could properly enter the ring. After catching Lynch and Davis off guard they battled inside and outside of the ring trying to gain the upper hand on each other in the early going. The match ended with a double count out as both teams fought round the outside of the ring. Even after the bell sounded to end the match they continued fighting with the Riots hitting their hug double team spear on the outside. With neither team willing to stop fighting they scrapped through the crowd and out of the front door much to the displeasure of the crowd. Post match it was announced that at the anniversary show the two teams would fight again in a street fight.

The Progress title was defended in the sixth match at Chapter 10 as Stixx finally got his chance to face the champion Rampage Brown. Stixx had fought through Brown’s fellow Screw Indy wrestling colleagues Nathan Cruz and Mark Haskins to get the title opportunity and he certainly meant business going into the match. Brown and Stixx gave the crowd a really good heavyweight contest and at times it certainly looked as if Brown may be about to lose his title to the Heavyweight House of Pain. Rampage managed to retain his title with the piledriver on Stixx to continue his run as champion.

Credit Rob Brazier. Rampage Brown won his match, but would not end the night with the Progress title.

The main event of chapter 10 was the final of the 2013 Natural Progression series, which saw the 2 most experienced men in the tournament facing each other in the final. Paul Robinson beat MK McKinnan and Eddie Dennis on route to the final, meanwhile Mark Andrews beat Will Ospready twice and Lord Jonathon Windsor on his way to reaching the final of the tournament. The crowd was split down the middle in this match and both men gave their all to try and win the series and the title shot that comes with it. Mark Andrews picked up the win and earnt himself a title match at any time. Progress management also gave him the opportunity to pick one man from the 2013 tournament to enter the 2014 Natural Progression series. Andrews said that Eddie Dennis deserved the opportunity more than most but that there was one man he felt deserved it just a little bit more and that man was Will Ospreay. With Ospreay being entered into the 2014 tournament it also means that after losing his place on the roster in his second match with Mark Andres, it was Mark that then gave him his place back.

Not finished for the night, Andrews then decided that he would take his title shot right now and called Rampage Brown to the ring. Screw Indy’s Nathan Cruz came out and ripped into Andrews thinking he could beat Rampage and he send Rampage to destroy Andrews. This over confidence may have contributed to the downfall of the champion as he got in referee Chris Roberts face after Andrew kicked out of a big powerbomb. Roberts pushed Brown away and Andrews rolled him up for the pinfall to become the new champion.

The show was not over there as the London Riots came to the ring and attacked Andrews and Eddie Dennis as they celebrated. Rob Lynch and James Davis taped Dennis to the ring post. Whilst The Riots focused on Dennis, Jimmy Havoc was battering Andrews in the ring with repeated chair shots. Havoc had with him his contract signed by Jim Smallman that allowed him any match he wanted, any time he wanted it and he was here for a title match. Initially Jim would not give in and refused to allow Havoc the match he wanted tonight, but Havoc already had a plan to negate this as he threatened to set fire to Mark Andrews in the middle of the Progress ring. Smallman gave in and agreed to the match but Havoc was not finished as he wanted Smallman to count the final pin to give him the title. Jim said he had Chris Roberts in the ring to do that for him, so Havoc hit a Death Valley Driver on Roberts to incapacitate him. Smallman came to the ring and slowly counted, with the crowd willing Andrews to kick out. Andrews kicked out at 2 only to get hit again with several chair shots and a cradle back to belly piledriver and Smallman counted 3 to give Havoc the Progress title.

With the tenth show behind them, Progress continue to grow and produce excellent shows with both great matches and interesting storylines that keep the crowds returning from all over the country. With Chapter 10 selling out in around half an hour they certainly have one of the most in demand products and loyal fanbases in the UK today and they continue to reward us all with great shows. To give yourself any chance of getting tickets for future shows go to www.progresswrestling.com and sign up to their mailing list and also check out their merchandise.