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Southside Wrestling Entertainment 2013 review and Top 10 matches by Dave Bodymore

With 2013 now behind us and Southside management already getting us very excited for what’s to come this year it’s time to look back at last year. For British Wrestling as a whole 2013 was a very exciting year and that was exactly the case for Southside Wrestling Entertainment. Southside promoter Ben Auld has succesfully mixed the best British talents with some former WWE names and top Indy talents from across the pond to give fans 14 top quality shows.

Sothside’s 2013 began in Letchworth on the 9th February with Opportunity knocks. As well as some interesting debuts, this show’s main focus was the Opportunity Knocks tournament which would see 4 men battle to become the number one contender. The show started with the two semi-finals as T-Bone beat El Ligero with a top rope elevated DDT and Jonny Storm beat Robbie X with a 619 in a cracking match. The debutants at the show had mixed fortunes as Colt Cabana and Battle Squad:Awesome lost their matches but Loco Imbecil won against Bam Bam Barton. The shows double Main Event gave us T-Bone vs Jonny Storm in the final of the Opportunity Knocks tournament and Max Angelus defending his Southside Heavyweight title against ‘The Bollywood Dream’ RJ Singh. The final of the tournament was won by T-Bone who capitalised on Stixx’s interference to become the number one contender and Angelus retained his title with a discus clothesline on Singh to close out a solid opening show for Southside.

With a solid show in Letchworth behind them, Southside returned on the 3rd March to bring us Battle of the Ego’s 3 in St Neots. The opening match of the show saw Jonny Storm get his chance to even the score against Stixx, who has screwed him over the Opportunity Knocks tournament just under a month before. The two men put on a great opening contest which Storm won with a schoolboy on Stixx. Not wanting to hang around Storm made a dash for the exit, quickly followed by Stixx, jumped in his car and drove away. With The Predators fighting off all comers in the tag team division, Southside management booked The Hunter Brothers against The Bhangra Knights, Darrell Allen making his debut, in a number one contenders tag team match. The Bhangra Knights hit the Bhangra Buster and it looked like they would be number one contenders on their tag team debut. However, before they were able to get the pin two masked men, wearing similar clothes to the Hunter Brothers, came out and attacked Singh and Allen. With The Hunters and referee oblivious to the interference, they picked up the win and became the number one contenders to the Tag Team titles.

The Predators were in singles action at Battle of the Ego’s as we saw Paul Malen beat Loco Imbecil and Joseph Conners lose to Mad Man Manson. After the Manson vs Conners match it was decided that the two men would face off one more time in a blindfold match and if Conners lost Manson would take his spot in The Predators. Elsewhere on the card, Max Angelus retained his Heavyweight title against number one contender T-Bone as he hit him with a roaring elbow and MK McKinnan beat Mark Haskins with a roll-up in an excellent match. The Main Event of Battle of the Ego’s 3 gave us Speed King action as champion Robbie X defended his title against the first champion Marty Scurll. The two men put on an excellent main event contest with Robbie retaining his title after hitting two exclamation points on Scurll.

The third and fourth shows of the year came to us on the final weekend of April as we saw Raw Deal 2 in Stevenage on the 27th and Risky Business 2 in Huntingdon on the 28th. Raw Deal 2 opened with the two founders of the Screw Indy movement go one-on-one with ‘The Million Dollar Man’ Ted DiBiase as special guest manager of Mark Haskins. Cruz, who has a personal vendetta against Southside management, won after low blowing his ‘friend’. The first half of the show also saw the return of ‘Ego Dragon’ Martin Kirby who hadn’t appeared at a Southside show since his unmasking at the second anniversary. Kirby made easy work of Loco Imbecil and made sure we all knew that the war between him and El Ligero was not over. The first half main event gave us Extreme Rules action with former ECW, WWE and TNA star Tommy Dreamer teaming with Max Angelus to beat The Predators. In the second half of the show we saw Stixx defeat El Ligero, T-Bone beat Mad Mad Manson and Robbie X beat Darrell Allen in Allen’s singles debut. The main event of Raw Deal 2 put ‘The Future’ Mk McKinnan against a man who, despite his age, is one of the current standard bearers, Noam Dar. Dar picked up the victory after 3 fisherman’s busters.

The next night at Risky Business 2 Dar went from Main event to opening contest as he challenged Robbie X for the Speed King title. Robbie retained the title with an Exclamation Point. The Predators retained their tag team titles again against the Hunters with the assistance of 2 masked men in similar clothes to The Hunter Brothers. MK McKinnan beat T-Bone and Marty Scurll made Darrell Allen tap out to the Crossface Chicken Wing. El Ligero and Johnny Gargano put on an excellent match, which Ligero won with the C4L DDT.

After returning the night before Martin Kirby got his chance at winning the Southside Heavyweight title. Angelus retained the title as it went to a double count out and post match Kirby was not done as he continued to beat down Angelus. As El Ligero made the save Kirby fled from the ring and announced that he wanted to face Ligero in an I Quit match in June. In the last 2 matches Mark Haskins beat Zack Sabre Jr with the Made in Japan and Stixx beat Kevin Steen with the assistance of The Predators. Before the show officially ended Stixx and The Predators held Southside to ransom as they threatened to attack Ben Auld and then his wife if they didn’t get a title shot. Stixx put Dale Mills through the a table to make his point.

The end of May brought us the second Annual Speed King tournament which would this year see 14 of the top cruiserweight’s in the World compete for the Speed King title. Speed King also saw Nigel McGuinness appear as special guest Match-Maker and Commentator. Match one of this busy show saw current Speed King champion Robbie X defend against Dean Allmark. Allmark picked up the win, becoming the new champion and getting a place in the final later that night. In the second match Martin Kirby beat Chikara’s Jigsaw with the Dragon Tail superkick and match three saw El Ligero beat Kay Lee Ray, who replaced Zema Ion, with an Emerald Fusion. After the match Martin Kirby came out and attacked Kay Lee Ray to wind El Ligero up. Ligero made the save and Kirby fled from ringside. In the other opening round matches Mk McKinnan beat Zack Sabre Jr, Marty Scurl beat Samuray Del Sol and Jay Lethal defeated Noam Dar to all get to the final. The last first round match saw Mark Haskins and Kris Travis both get counted out so neither man could get to the final.

Before the final Stixx came to the ring to make a statement as the next Heavyweight champion and was told by Nigel McGuinness that if he was as good as he says he is the he should prove it against Jigsaw. McGuinness also said that if Stixx was pinned he would lose his right to a title match. As it looked as if Jigsaw was about to win Stixx got himself counted out so that he would still get his title match. In the Main Event Jay Lethal beat Scurll, McKinnan, Allmark, Kirby and Ligero to become the new Speed King champion. Martin Kirby continued his war on El Ligero as he attacked him before the final started and then eliminated him straight away.

The half way point of 2013 gave us Notorious 3 in St Neots and a very successful night for the House of Pain contingent. The night began with The Predators again retaining their titles against the Bhangra Knights with the assistance of the masked men parading as associates of The Hunter brothers. ‘The Showstealer’ Nathan Cruz picked up another win this time against Doug Williams and the Sumerian Death Squad made a impact on debut as they beat The Hunter Brothers. In the run up to the show T-Bone had a lot to say about the way Dean Allmark had gained his position in All-Star Wrestling but with Allmark not turning up ROH star Jimmy Jacobs took his place and received a T-Bone beating for his troubles.

The Major focus of Notorious 3 was the I Quite match between El Ligero and Martin Kirby. The two men battled ferociously until Ligero made Kirby pass out in the middle of the ring. As Kirby came round he took the microphone and said this is not over as he never said ‘I Quit’. He then attacked the 2 men who tried to help him and left. The excellent night for House of Pain continued as Stixx won against the badly beaten Max Angelus to win the Southside Heavyweight title and to round off House of Pains night Joe Conners beat Mad Man Manson in a blindfold match with the help of Predators partner Paul Malen. The show finished with the 6 man Money In The Bank match which saw Mark Haskins fight off MkMcKinnan, Robbie X, Kris Travis, Jonny Storm and Loco Imbecil to win the MITB briefcase.

Southside returned to Letchworth in July, after the success of Opportunity Knocks, with the debuts of Jimmy Havoc and the London Riots and the conclusion to the Stixx and Jonny Storm issues. In the opening match Martin Kirby beat Peat Dunne in his Southside singles debut. Again post match Kirby attacked Dunne, which brought Ligero to the ring to make the save and both men brawled in the ring until they were stopped by several other members of the roster. With Ligero already in the ring his match with Robbie X was next but this was declared a no contest as Kirby returned to attack Ligero. Kirby announces his intentions to have one more match with El Ligero and that Ligero will die!

The first of the debutantes was up third as Jimmy Havoc lost to Darrell Allen and in the fourth match of the night Mark Haskins defeated Doug Williams with his variation of an Armbar. The London Riots beat ‘Diamond’ Dave Andrews and Loco Imbecil on their debut to become the number one contenders for The Predators tag team titles and in the main event Stixx retained his Heavyweight title by beating Jonny Storm and getting revenge for his defeat earlier in the year at Battle of the Ego’s 3.

For the second time in 2013 Southside held back to back shows in August as they held Menace 2 Society 3 in Nottingham and Retribution 4 in Huntingdon on the 16th and 17th August. Menace 2 Society 3 opened with a Heavyweight title number 1 contenders match as MK McKinnan beat El Ligero and Pete Dunne to set up a match the following night with Stixx. After the match Max Angelus came out to tell McKinnan that although he is on an enforced 60 day leave he’ll return and beat whoever it is that holds the Southside title. In match 2 The Hunters and RJ Singh had to put aside their differences as they took on tag team champions The Predators and Martin Kirby in a 6 man tag match which Kirby and The Predators won after The Predators hit a Trophy Kill.

Following the 6 man tag it was time for El Ligero and Martin Kirby to sign the contract for their cage match at the Anniversary show. The contract stated that neither man could touch each other till the match or they would be fired. In typical Kirby fashion, he got one last cheap shot in on Ligero before ensuring the contract was signed and Ligero could not retaliate. In other matches Mark Haskins beat Darrell Allen, Stixx beat Super Crazy and Jay Lethal retained his Speed King title in an excellent match with Robbie X.

Menace 2 Society 3 also gave us Harvey Dale vs Dale Mills in an Arm Wrestling match which Mills won after a distraction by the lovely Mrs Haskins and Southside and wXw continued in their growing relationship as the wXw title was defended by Tommy End against Zack Sabre Jr. In the main event ECW legend Sabu faced Jimmy Havoc in an extreme rules match, which he won with a steel chair assisted leg drop through a table.

The following night Southside presented Retribution 4 in Huntingdon. The Predators opened the show defending their tag team titles against The London Riots in a match pitting two of the most dominant tag teams in England against each other. Malen and Conners again prevailed but only with further assistance from the two men dressed as the Hunter Brothers. With this win the Nottingham based tag team made it 1 year as champions in Southside. Zack Sabre Jr again proved why he is a regular for Pro Wrestling Noah as he and Robbie X put on an excellent match which Zack won with an armbar. In the second tag match of the night the real Hunter Brothers and the Bhangra Knights faced off to see who would become the number one contenders for the tag team titles but again the fake ‘Hunter Brothers’ came out and made their presence known as they attacked both teams. The match was declared a no contest and the two masked men revealed themselves as Stixx and Alex Gracie.

Both Stixx and Gracie had matches later on in the show and both were victorious as Stixx retained his Heavyweight title against MK McKinnan and Gracie beat the Jaffa cake loving luchador Loco Imbecil. Jay Lethal faced Martin Kirby in his second defence of the Speed King title and Kirby was certainly not there for a fair match up like Robbie X was the previous night. Kirby beat Lethal to become the new Speed King champion. The main event at Retribution gave us a 4 way match up as Sabu, Mark Haskins, Kris Travis and Marty Scurll faced each other. Haskins won an action packed match and announced post match that he could now tell everyone when he would be cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase. At the Anniversary show he would be cashing in to make Stixx vs Max Angelus a triple threat match for the Heavyweight title.

With a quarter of the year left it looked as though it was going to be difficult for Southside to continue to improve on what they had already given us, but they managed it starting with Crossing The Line on the 28th September in Nottingham. for the second year running Southside and CZW linked up to present a stacked show which gave the UK fans the chance to see some top CZW names and some excellent matches. Drew Gulak retained his CZW title against MK McKinnan in the opening contest but only after confusion at the finish as the referee counted 3 whilst Gulak’s leg was on the ropes. CZW owner DJ Hyde came to the ring and restarted the match and whilst the ref had his back turned Gulak low blowed McKinnan and rolled him up to get the win. Match two saw Robbie X team with Max Angelus to face The Predators in a non title match. Mis-communication between Robbie and Angelus caused Robbie to hit the Robbie-go-round on Max. Annoyed Angelus left Robbie to fend for himself and The Predators hit a trophy kill on him to get the win. In the third match of the night Jimmy Havoc, T-Bone and DJ Hyde faced off in an Ultra-Violent rules match which Hyde won. Mark Haskins continued his succesful 2013 beating Drake Younger and Stixx faced his second Chikara star of the year this time with more success as he beat Soldier Ant with the assistance of Harvey Dale and his title belt.

Harvey Dale and Dale Mills faced each other in their second Arm Wrestling match of the year and again a distraction helped Dale Mills get the victory. This time Heavy J came out dancing to ‘Sexy and I know it’ which allowed Haskins to come out unnoticed and hit a superkick on Harvey Dale. El Ligero won an excellent 3 way match against AR Fox and Tommy End and in Martin Kirby’s first speed king title defence Kay Lee Ray won by disqualification as Kirby filled her mouth win drawing pins and hit a jaw breaker before he was chased off by Ligero and several of the roster. The main event of Crossing the Line was Ricochet vs Zack Sabre Jr in a great match which Zack won with a dragon suplex followed by a huge kick to Ricochet’s chest.

Just two weeks after Crossing the Line Southside returned to Stevenage for Unlucky for Some with Indy stars Davey Richards and Michael Elgin and Japanese legend Ultimo Dragon. Robbie X and his mystery partner Jonny Storm beat The Predators in the opener as Storm hit the wonderwhirl on Conners. In the second match Zack Sabre Jr beat Kenbai and match three finally saw T-Bone and Dean Allmark face after Bone’s harsh words about Allmark. Deano won the match with the Spanish Fly but he received two elevated DDT’s, the second on to a steel chair, post match for his troubles. In other matches El Ligero beat Davey Richards, The Pope beat Marty Scurll and Stixx and Max Angelus were unable to coexist as Ultimo Dragon and Mark Haskins beat them in tag team action. Unfortunately Brian Cage didn’t make it to the UK but his spot was filled by Davey Richards as the Unbreakable f’n Wolves took on Martin Kirby and Kriis Travis. Elgin and Richards won the match with a powerbomb back cracker combination.

One year on from El Ligero and Martin Kirby facing in a mask vs mask no ropes, no rules match Southside returned to The Priory Centre in St Neots for their 3rd Anniversary entitled End Game. The Anniversary show kicked off with Jimmy Havoc, Mk Mckinnan and Robbie X battling out to become the number one contender. McKinnan won the match with a shining wizard. After battling for most of the year to become number one contenders for the tag titles The Bhangra Knights and The Hunter Brothers both faced The Predators for the tag titles. The Predators continued their reign as champions winning the match and looking unbeatable. Tommy End beat Davey Richards with a spinning back kick and Doug Williams beat Mad Man Manson in a ‘Manson’s World of Sport rules’ match in the 3rd round. In the semi-main event Mark Haskins completed his goal of winning the Southside Heavyweight title by beating Stixx with the armbar. As Stixx was the loser he is now not able to have a title shot for 1 whole year. In the main event Martin Kirby and El Ligero battled it out in the unsanctioned cage match which went back and forth. Kirby won the cage match with three Dragon’s Tail superkicks, the third assisted by a steel chair, to end the feud of the year. During the match Kirby cut off one of Ligero’s horns and this seems to have destroyed Ligero as proven at the Supershow.

The year was topped off with Southside’s first supershow in Nottingham and also their first afternoon show. The afternoon show, Day of Reckoning, started with Kris Travis losing to Uhaa Nation. A changed El Ligero came to the ring to face Robbie X and he almost used the Dragon’s Tail superkick on Robbie. Robbie capitalised on this and rolled him up for the win. Martin Kirby defended his Speed King title in a scramble match against Kay Lee Ray, Pete Dunne, Lee and Jim Hunter and the debuting Tyler Bate. Kirby retained his title despite the multiple changes during the match. After The Predators got involved in Kevin Steen and Stixx’s match back at Risky Business 2, Steen got his chance to even the score in a 2-on-1 handicap match. Harvey Dale distracted Steen as he was on top and The Predators hit him with the trophy kill to get the win. After the match Steen announced that his match with Stixx on the evening show would be a no disqualification match.

Following this it was scheduled to be Mk McKinnan vs Mark Haskins in the afternoon main event but MK was unable to be at the show. Stixx came to the ring and challenged Mark Haskins to a match. If Stixx won he would be allowed to challenge for the title but if Haskins won then he would still not be able to challenge for the title for 1 year and he would have to shake the hand of each audience and tell them he is a whiny bitch. With the odds stacked against Haskins as Harvey Dale and The Predators got involved, he still came out on top as he won with the armbar.

The action continued in the evening at the Supershow, which opened with Awesome Kong beating Kay Lee Ray with the implant buster. In the second match of the night Uhaa Nation challenged Mark Haskins for the Heavyweight title. Haskins retained his title again with his trademark armbar. Both Martin Kirby and Kris Travis were left without opponents as Shannon Moore and MK McKinnan both withdrew from the show and so Southside management decided that Kirby would therefore defend his Speed King title against Travis. Initially both men decided that they were too good for this but after Kirby said he would win if they did fight, the match was on. Adam Curtis stopped the two men asking them why they were fighting each other. Kirby and Travis agreed and left telling the crowd to save their applause for the Americans. After over a year as tag team champions The Predators lost their belts at the Supershow as Robbie X revealed his mystery partner to be Heavyweight champion Mark Haskins. Robbie X hit the phoenix splash on Malen to win the belts for the new pairing.

After their previous two arm wrestling matches Harvey Dale and Dale Mills were to face off one last time but this time in an 8 man tag losing captain leaves Southside match. Team Harvey Dale(Harvey, Max Angelus, Nathan Cruz and SC Supreme) took on Team Dale Mills(Dale, Hardcore Holly, Lee and Jim Hunter) in an elimination tag match and Adam Curtis finally revealed his Trojan horse. Curtis attacked Harvey Dale, turning on the House of Pain, and Dale Mills won the match meaning that Harvey Dale would have to leave Southside. The changed El Ligero took plenty of abuse and punishment from Chris Masters before Masters made him pass out in the Masterlock. In the main event, and the last match of the year in Southside, Steen and Stixx brawled round the room in a no disqualification falls count anywhere match. Kevin Steen ended up victorious after hitting the package piledriver on Stixx.

2013 was a real standout year for Southside as they produced 14 fantastic shows and some of the best storylines in the UK for several years. The Martin Kirby/El Ligero feud has been one of the most competitive and hard hitting feuds in Independent wrestling and it is no surprise that their 2 matches made it in to my top 10 matches for 2013. As well as Kirby and Ligero we have had interesting story lines at all levels of the card which has kept fans interested from the opening match to the final bell.

As well as great story lines we have been treated to some top former WWE and TNA stars and some of the best independent wrestling talent from across the world and some of the best matches in the UK. Here are my top 10 matches from the last 12 months.

Zack Sabre Jr vs MK McKinnan (Speed King 2013)

Credit Bret Hadley. McKinnan and ZSJ in their hard hitting encounter at Speed King

With Zack and MK having several great encounters elsewhere in the country they came up against each other in round one of the Speed King tournament. This match was hard hitting from the very start and MK even had his nose bust during the match. Despite Zack’s numerous attempts at an armbar MK fought through and won with the shining wizard to earn his spot in the Speed King final.

El Ligero vs Martin Kirby (I Quit- Notorious 3)

Credit Bret Hadley. Ligero chokes out Kirby in their I Quit match at Notorious 3

Since his return after his unmasking Martin Kirby made it his mission to destroy El Ligero. After several months of vicious attacks and taunting the two men faced off in an I Quit match. Neither men held back in this match which ended with Kirby passing out as Ligero choked him with a Kendo stick.

Jay Lethal vs Robbie X (Menace 2 Society 3)

Credit Bret Hadley. Jay Lethal hits the top rope elbow drop on Robbie X at Menace 2 Society 3

Jay Lethal made his first defence of his Speed King title at Menace 2 Society 3 against Robbie X. Robbie showed everybody just how far he had come in this match as he more than matched up to Jay. Lethal retained his belt after hitting the Lethal Combination followed by the Macho Elbow from the top rope.

Zack Sabre Jr vs Robbie X (Retribution 4)

Credit Bret Hadley. Zack Sabre Jr tries to pin Robbie X in their excellent match at Retribution 4.

The night after Robbie put in one of his best performances against Jay Lethal he faced Zak Sabre Jr in another match that proved how far he had come. Zack used all his skills in joint manipulation to beat Robbie X and Robbie managed to show that he isn’t just a flippy wrestler and that he can compete with technical wrestlers. Zack Sabre Jr beat Robbie X as he caught him in an armbar from Robbie’s exclamation point attempt.

El Ligero vs AR Fox vs Tommy End (Crossing The Line)

Credit Bret Hadley. El Ligero hits the C4L DDT on AR Fox at Crossing the Line.

This match pit 3 men from 3 different countries against each other in a real battle of styles. Between them they produced some creative 3 man spots and some proper hard hitting action. Ligero showed why he continues to be one of the best crusierweights in the UK, Fox produced some incredible high flying spots and Tommy End gave us the strong style strikes and kicks that we have come to expect from him to produce possibly the match of the year. El Ligero managed to get the win with his C4L DDT.

El Ligero vs Davey Richards (Unlucky For Some)

Credit Bred Hadley. El Ligero’s reverse rana on Davey Richards at Unlucky For Some in Stevenage.

Just two weeks before El Ligero faced Martin Kirby at End Game he requested to face ‘The American Wolf’ Davey Richards in singles action at Unlucky For Some. Davey Richards has been one of the standout names of the independent wrestling world for several years now and this gave Ligero a chance to show just how good he was against stiff competition. Between them Ligero and Richards produced a fantastic wrestling match that Davey won after he blocked Ligero’s frog splash with his knees and rolled him up for the pin.

Martin Kirby & Kris Travis vs Michael Elgin & Davey Richards (Unlucky For Some)

Credit Bret Hadley. Martin Kirby takes the Powerbomb/Backcracker combo off Elgin and Richards.

Brian Cage was supposed to be in this match but as he didn’t make his flight Davey Richards took his place and formed the Unbreakable F’n Wolves. Kirby and Travis meanwhile teamed up for the first time in Southside since August 2012 at Retribution 3 against The Predators. The previous experience of Project Ego was not enough as Elgin and Richards managed to win the the Powerbomb/Backcracker combination. This match was full of entertaining spots and we even get to see another more comedic side of Michael Elgin and this was the best tag match I saw in the UK in 2013.

Tommy End vs Davey Richards (End Game)

Credit Bret Hadley. Two of the angriest men to grace the Southside ring, Tommy End and Davey Richards.

Tommy End and Davey Richards have faced each other before in wXw in Germany and they both showed why they are two of the best wrestlers in the world today at End Game. Both men showed their technical prowess as they went hold for hold with each other and they both proved that they are two of the hardest hitting wrestlers in Professional Wrestling today. Tommy End picked up the victory after knocking Richards out with the spinning back kick.

El Ligero vs Martin Kirby (Unsanctioned Cage match- End Game) 

Credit Bret Hadley. The moment Martin Kirby removed one of Ligero’s horns at End Game.

12 months and 1 day on from the night Martin Kirby was unmasked as Ego Dragon at the second Anniversary, El Ligero and Martin Kirby faced off in an unsanctioned cage match which was supposed to end the war that has been ongoing between them. After several months of Kirby doing everything he could to get under El Ligero’s skin it was finally time for the two men to get their hands on each other and it was an unforgiving encounter from the word go. At one stage Kirby’s anger got the better of him as he gave the Dragon Tail superkick to the referee leaving just him and Ligero in the cage together. Ligero tried his best but with Kirby willing to do anything to finish him, his best was not enough. Kirby cut off one of Ligero’s horns and tore away at his mask, before hitting 3 Dragon Tail superkicks on him with the third assisted by a steel chair. It isn’t clear if this win for Kirby means the end for the feud but but if it’s not then there isn’t much more Kirby can do apart from ending Ligero.

Kevin Steen vs Stixx (Falls Count Anywhere- Supershow)

Credit Bret Hadley. Just seconds before Stixx was dropped on his head to end the last match of 2013.

In their second match of the year Kevin Steen and Stixx faced off in a Falls Count Anywhere match at the final show of the year on November 17th. Steen and Stixx brawled all round the venue in a hard hitting encounter which Steen won with the Package Piledriver. This win gave Steen the revenge he wanted after being cheated out of victory in their original encounter earlier in the year at Risky Business 2. These two Heavyweight stars proved why they are rated as highly as they are in their respective countries in the final match of 2013 for Southside.