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Mar 14

Supermen: A story of British Wrestlers documentary review by Dave Bodymore

Throughout the 60s, 70s and 80s British Wrestling was a leader in the world wrestling market, producing some of the best wrestlers in the world. Over the years the American style has taken over and this has turned what was once a thriving industry into a niche market. But this has not stopped plenty of …

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Mar 12

IPW:UK Zack vs Hero DVD review by Dave Bodymore

IPW:UK’s latest DVD release see’s them debut at The Angel Centre in Tonbridge Wells with all 3 titles on the line and 2 huge International Singles matches. The show opens with the All England tite on the line as the champion, and Peter Pan of British Wrestling, Jonny Storm defends his gold against Mark Haskins and …

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Feb 01

‘Progress Wrestling: Chapter 10 Glory Follows Virtue As If It Were Its Shadow’ review by Dave Bodymore

  Each time Progress wrestling run a show they continue to get better and better and ‘Chapter 10: Glory Follows Virtue As If It Were Its Shadow’ was certainly no different. The show opened with the debuting Mikey Whiplash taking on wXw unified champion Tommy End. The pair gave us a fantastic, back and forth …

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Nov 29

New Generation Wrestling UK “5th Anniversary” DVD Review by Dave Bodymore

    On July 6th 2013 New Generation Wrestling celebrated their 5th Anniversary with their 5th Anniversary show at the Eastmount Centre in Hull. If you weren’t at the show then you should make every effort to take advantage of NGW’s current 3 for £20 offer and purchase this event on DVD. The DVD starts …

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Aug 22

Southside Speed King 2013 DVD Review – by Gareth Blinkhorn

A couple of weeks ago I was a Southside Virgin however I was lucky enough to get to the Big Bump Theory show. I thoroughly enjoyed the show live as I expected to do. From the reports on BritWresChat podcast and my chats with other Britwres fans I understood they put on great shows. Whilst there I …

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Aug 13

Rev Pro When Thunder Strikes DVD Review – by Gareth Blinkhorn

RPW’s latest DVD offering comes to us from their first event at the York Hall Bethnall Green.  The venue itself has a history in the fight game in general but also with Pro Wrestling specifically.  In this venue we have seen great matches from british and American stars alike, and RPW have given us an …

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Jun 06

WuTech DVD Review by Gareth Blinkhorn.

WuTech are my home federation based in Worcester they have just released their first event on DVD. Based from the WuTech Arena (actually the Redhill Club in Worcester but I have christened it the WuTech Arena) this is the inaugural event for a promotion who shows a lot of promise with this and the rest …

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May 14

Revolution Pro Wrestling No Holds Barred DVD Review By Jamie Tunbridge

  Revolution Pro Wrestling’s No Holds Barred was one of the most highly anticipated shows in British wrestling. This was mainly due to the emotionally charged rivalry between Party Marty Scurll and Rockstar Spud and their appearance on TNA British Bootcamp. In fact so many people wanted to see this show the team at RevPro …

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Mar 19

Progress Wrestling Chapter 5: For Those About To Fight, We Salute You DVD Review By Jamie Tunbridge

Progress Wrestling Chapter 5: For Those About To Fight, We Salute You DVD Review By Jamie Tunbridge   Progress Wrestling has been around for nearly a year now and they have made a reputation of being one of the most consistently good promotions in the United Kingdom. Their first four shows have contained great strong …

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Feb 06

Attack! Pro Wrestling – “We Do It For The Money, Obviously” DVD Review by Graham Beadle

As I’m restricting myself to only attending 1 show per month, my wrestling fix is being filled by watching DVD’s from the various feds around the British Isles. Add that to the fact that my wrestling fed is called the Comic Wrestling Alliance, I thought it only right that I review the DVD’s of the …

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