Oct 14

BritWres Chat – Between The Ropes Episode 1 – EWW Extreme Academy

After our EWW preview concluded, we were fortunate to get the opportunity to chat with Stu Allen, more commonly known as The Dominator, about his training school, the EWW Extreme Academy.

Oct 08

BritWres Chat Episode 72 – ‘TITLE REDACTED – Pierce & Pierce Legal Dept’

We are joined once again by Skarlett to talk about the upcoming EWW show, Invasion Of The Bodyslammers 4, in Hastings.  We were also fortunate enough to get Dominator on the line and due to ‘Legal Intervention’, The Ladykiler Philip Bateman also joined us before his 8 O’Clock table at Dorsia with Loiuis Caruthers.

Sep 16

BritWres Chat Episode 71 – NGW A New Dawn

We spoke to the man formally behind 3CW, Mike Groom, who is now helping promote NGW further up north in Northallerton.

Sep 01

BritWres Chat Episode 70 – Ending Summer Full Of HOP:E

We are back from our Summer Holiday with an interview with a good friend of the show, Harvey Dale. Harvey joins us to talk about how House Of Pain: Evolution has been doing over the past year (they have recently celebrated their 1 year anniversary), runs us through some of his favourite monments, talks about FUTUR and more. Enjoy.

Jul 11

BritWres Chat Episode 69 – ‘That Rukkus Pop’ aka Dom In The Deep End With Eddie Dennis

Dom takes charge of the show with his first ever interview. ‘The Pride of Wales’ Eddie Dennis discusses in some depth about his favourite promotions to work for and his upcoming show EWA British Bash 5.

Jun 25

BritWres Chat Episode 68 – Foot Spas? Isn’t This Meant To Be A Wrestling Show?




Dom and Phil talk about Foot Spas, Imports and Fight Club Pro

Jun 11

BritWres Chat Episode 67 – Dom, Ben & A Man Called Phil

BWCThis week Phil & Dom are joined by Ben Ward to talk Empress Pro, EWA and this weekends Fight Club Pro show.  Phil also runs through his thoughts of this past weekends Rad Pro show.


Jun 04

BritWres Chat Episode 66 – Wait is this the right show?



BWCThis week we are joined by British Wrestling Radios very own Dean Mitchell to talk with us about his time at the weekends Southside show.  Phil also tells us about his time at ICW in Newcastle.

May 29

#TBT : Preston City Wrestling Supershow -Festive Fury by Dave Bodymore

Welcome to the first BritWres Blog Throwback Thursday, where we will feature a review of a show from years gone by. With this weekend seeing Preston City Wrestling present their fourth Supershow, we are rewinding back to Sunday December 9th and the first PCW Supershow.

The two card event featured appearances from Chris Masters, U-Gene and John Morrison, along with some of the top names in British wrestling.

The day began with Before The Fury, an afternoon show featuring 4 matches and a special Masterlock challenge. We opened Before the Fury with the man Preston loves to hate, Bubblegum, facing Mad Man Manson. Manson’s antics could possibly have been enough to best Bubblegum had it not been for T-Bone interjecting himself and knocking Manson out. This allowed Bubblegum to hit a double stomp and score the pinfall victory.

With such a huge match on the evening card, Noam Dar could have been forgiven for not being too concerned about an afternoon match. But the cruiserweight champion came out and faced Joey Hayes, who is now the heavyweight champion, in a very evenly matched technical encounter. The match suffered a little with the limited crowd interaction, which led to the fans providing some random chants, but the in ring action could not be doubted. Dar gave himself a boost going into the evening, beating Hayes with the Champagne Super-Kneebar.

In the third match of the afternoon former PCW heavyweight champion T-Bone, took on the former WWE superstar U-Gene. The majority of the match was conducted in a technical manner but U-Gene brought out the WWE finishers tribute act towards the end. Bone tried his best to utilise his brute strength, but U-Gene eventually got the win with an RKO.

Chris Masters is now treated as a part of the roster and not an import, and even has his own best of DVD. But at Festive Fury he was debuting and his first opportunity to show his skills was the Masterlock Challenge with Dave Rayne. It wouldn’t be a Dave Rayne appearance without the mocking of everyone around him, but mocking Chris Masters was perhaps his worst decision. Masters allowed his now tag team partner to work out and begin to apply baby oil, before becoming bored of his antics and forcing him to pass out in the Masterlock.

One of the main focal points of the Supershow was the retirement of Lionheart. A man who had been a key member of the PCW roster from the start, it was clear that the fans would be very disappointed to lose him from the shows. One of the best feuds throughout PCW’s time as an active company has been Kris Travis and Lionheart, and it was only fitting that these two should face off one last time if Lionheart was to never return (Which of course he did). These two men did what they had done several times before, and produced a fast paced match that stole the show. The match went back and forth but eventually Travis, who at the time was PCW champion, picked up the win with the tiger driver.

Between Before the Fury and Festive Fury, there was a Q&A session with the Former WWE stars and, of course, Mad Man Manson. Check this out for some interesting questions for the stars and the inevitable Mad Man Manson antics.

The main evening show, Festive Fury, kicked off with the Money in the Bank match. With only one pinfall required to gain the MITB briefcase Martin Kirby, CJ Banks, Dean Allmark, Dave Rayne, BT Gunn and Sam Bailey gave it their all to try and win the match and the guaranteed title shot. This was the perfect start to the show with fast paced action that got the 800 strong crowd fired up. Dave Rayne stole the win after Allmark hit the Spanish Fly on CJ Banks, but got hit with the Backstabber by Rayne, leaving Banks free for Rayne to pin and win the match.

In the second match of the night El Ligero took on Zack Sabre Jr in an excellent technical match. Whilst some may feel Ligero is one dimensional, this match shows that he can certainly compete with technically sound opponents. El Ligero was the winner in this match after hitting his c4L DDT and spiking Sabre Jr to get the pin.

Before the next match could begin, a disgruntled Bubblegum came to the ring and refused to leave until he was given a match. After being defeated earlier in the day, Mad Man Manson came to the ring and challenged Bubblegum to a rematch, but the Mancunian wasn’t looking for a fair fight and his Team Single partner T-Bone came to the ring for a 2-on-1 handicap match. But Manson is no stranger to tag competition at PCW and his DISCO Madness partner Sam Bailey, who had already worked once, joined him for an unscheduled tag team match. DISCO Madness won the match with Bailey hitting the Bailout bulldog on Bubblegum.

The first half was ended with the match billed as Lionheart’s last ever match. His opponent for his last match was Joey Hayes, who was picked by Lionheart himself. Whilst it may have been his last match he certainly wanted to go out on a high and give the PCW crowd a good match and both men certainly managed that. Joey Hayes eventually got the pinfall, but it took 5 Teenage Kicks for the stubborn Lionheart to go down. Post match the Preston crowd gave the Scot the standing ovation that his run with the promotion had certainly earned him.

The second half of the main show featured the 3 former WWE stars competing against the PCW talent. In the first match, U-Gene faced ‘The Bastard’ Dave Mastiff, managed by Gilligan Gordon. Unlike U-Gene’s afternoon match, this featured more comedy and less technical mat wrestling. U-Gene went through the WWE finishers from years gone by, hitting the Hogan leg drop, Rock Bottom, People’s Elbow and pedigree, but couldn’t get Mastiff to stay down. Mastiff fought through U-Gene’s finisher fest and finally hit the Irish Roll, followed by a huge back senton to squash U-Gene and win the match. After the match Gilligan Gordon mocked U-Gene, but the former WWE star was having none of it, headbutting Gordon and stripping him before allowing him to flee unclothed and embarrassed.

PCW Champion, at the time, Kris Travis was in the penultimate match of the night and he faced a man who was, at one stage, set for big things in the WWE, Chris Masters. Travis has built a reputation for having excellent matches at PCW and, whilst some may not have thought it would, this match with Chris Masters continued the trend. Masters wasn’t able to beat the champion, who managed to gain elevation whilst in the Masterlock and force Masters down into a pinning position and get the win, but he certainly changed the opinions of many and secured himself a return to PCW based on his performance that night.

With Travis having gone through a tough test, Dave Rayne saw a big opportunity for him to cash in his newly won Money in the Bank briefcase and become the PCW Heavyweight champion. But Chris Masters had other ideas, first stopping him from getting to Travis and the locking on the Masterlock and making Rayne pass out.

The show was main evented by the cruiserweight champion, at the time, Noam Dar and former WWE Tag Team Champion and ECW champion, John Morrison. With 2012 already having been huge year for Dar, this was an extremely fitting way to finish the year and neither man would disappoint the crowd. The early stages of the match were all about feeling each other out and seeing what the other man had in store, but by the end of the match they had the crowd on their feet and into everything they were doing. John Morrison came away the winner after finally hitting the Starship pain that he was famous for in WWE.

Overall, for their first supershow this was a fantastic day and went so well that they have now grown to 2 day events featuring even more big name stars from WWE, TNA and indy wrestling across the world!

You can still get the Festive Fury box set on www.prestoncitywrestling.com. The Supershow DVD is just £9.99 and the Blu ray set of the full weekend costs £17.99.

May 21

BritWres Chat Episode 65 – Team Extreme

Phil talks to Skarlett, Titan & Stockwell about the upcoming EWW Survival Of The Sickest show.

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