Apr 16

BritWres Chat Episode 60 – After this episode Phil might need therapy.


BWCThe return of Mark Adams, chaos ensues.  We do talk about some wrestling, honest.


Apr 15

BritWres Chat – A Look In The Closet Special

In this ground breaking interview our very own Mark Adams sits down with recently out wrestler Chris Saynt.  They talk about what it is like to be a gay man in the world of wrestling. Listen and enjoy.

Apr 12

BritWresRoundUp by Dave Bodymore

Welcome to the first of our weekly round ups of all the goings on in British wrestling. Each week we will bring you all the match news results and talking points from around the United Kingdom.

We start this week with Revolution Pro Wrestling, who have announced that they will have 6 man tag team action in Birmingham on May 10th as The Revolutionists(Marty Scurll, Sha Samuels & Terry Frazier) take on Team Defend(Mark Andrews, Eddie Dennis & Pete Dunne). Andrews has quite the score to settle with The Revolutionists and who better to back you up than your best friends and business partners, who will be debuting at this show. RevPro also announced that their High Stakes DVD is now shipping and you can purchase this from www.revolutionprowrestling.com.

Southside have been very busy, as always, this week. They have made several big announcements for their upcoming shows. April 26th will see them present their next 2 shows in Nottingham, as they run Risky Business in the afternoon and Speed King 2014 in the evening. This week they announced Project Ego and their manager Adam Curtis, who are on a mission to clense British Wrestling of imported talents, will be facing Petey Williams and Heavyweight champion Mark Haskins. Also announced was Noam Dar taking on Tyler Bate, Lana Austin and Joseph Conners versus Kay Lee Ray and El Ligero and Stixx will once again do battle with Zak Northern, who he faced on the last Nottingham show.

They have also announced that Juventud Guerrera will be in a triple threat match with Robbie X and El Ligero at Notorious in St Neots on June 1st, Bubblegum will face Stixx at Appetite for Destruction in Stoke on June 14th and Chavo Guerrero Jr will be at the 4th Anniversary show in Stevenage on October 25th. They will also be shortly releasing Raw Deal 3 on DVD.

This week has been a relatively quiet one for Preston City Wrestling by comparison to previous weeks. Unfortunately, they did have some slightly negative news as Jimmy Hart has let them down and will not be appearing at Springslam. Hart has not responded to any recent correspondance and is now being advertised for a convention in America around the same time as the PCW show. Whilst disappointing this is in no way PCW’s fault and you can be assured that they will still put on a top quality night of wrestling.

In far better news, they have announced that Rikishi will be at Springslam on April 25th. Chris Masters will be doing a signing of his new PCW Best of DVD at That’s Entertainment, Preston during the day on the 25th April. And Finally, Eros Comedy’s Chris Brooker will be hosting ‘Nevermind the Bushwhackers’ on the Friday night of the Supershow 4 weekend.

Kamikaze Pro made the announcement that Pete Dunne would be the head trainer of their new dojo, this week. The Dojo opens on the 22nd April and will cost trainees £5.00 per session. They also announced two matches for Sky’s The Limit on April 27th, with The Hunter Brothers defending their tag team titles against The Bhangra Knights and Pete Dunne facing former ECW star and current ROH talent, Steve Corino. Juventud Guerrera was also announced for their May 25th show Broken Down City in Birmingham.

Harvey Dale’s House of Pain: Evolution announced two matches for their May 9th event Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner. Firstly, Barricade will face House of Pain standout Zak Northern and Kaleb Hughes will face Wild Boar when HOP:E debut in Derby. Dale also announced that Jack Jester will be competing at the June 21st and 22nd events that the company are running.

Shropshire Wrestling Alliance were hot off an excellent show last week and continued their momentum by announcing that Damian Dunne and Morgan Webster will tag against Peter Dunne and Mark Andrews on May 9th at Uprising. They also announced that Mad Man Manson will appear on the May 9th show at the Victoria Hall, Broseley, Shropshire.

The Scottish Wrestling Alliance had two new champions to celebrate this week with Joe Hendry becoming the Laird of the Ring champion and Joe Coffey winning the Zero1 Scottish Heavyweight Champion.

Yorkshire based Tidal Championship Wrestling have been making big waves, excuse the pun, and have excelled when you think they were a new promotion at the beginning of the year. They broke the news that Josh Bodom was unable to appear at Release the Kracken, which is today at the Cockpit in Leeds, but they have found a replacement for Bodom. Liam Lazarus will fill the void and face Dara Diablo.

Futureshock Wrestling announced two matches for May 19th’s Underground 4 this week. Ryan Hendricks and Don Meacho will face Si Valour and Sparx in a loser leaves tornado tag match and the first Futureshock’s got talent will feature The Models & Melanie Price vs The Blackpool Blonds & Justin Price.

It’s not just Southside that Chavo Guerrero Jr will appear for when he is in the UK in October. Future Pro Wrestling hace announced that he will appear on their Trick or Treat 4 event on October 24th. This will be the first time that Chavo has wrestled in the UK for an independent promotion.

It has been a busy week in the Progress Wrestling office with a major announcement for Chapter 13 and some adjustments to todays ENDVR:4. Firstly, ENDVR:4 is today in Balham, London and this week Progress added Chuck Mambo versus Mark Hendry in a Natural Progression series qualifier and ‘The Omega’ Isaac Zercher’s 5 minute open challenge. Paul Robinson has spent several days in hospital this past week as he has been quite ill and we would like to wish Paul all the best in his recovery, this has meant that the scheduled Bhangra Knight’s vs Swords of Essex match has had to change. Will Ospreay was allowed to choose himself a new partner for the match and he has turned to the first graduate of the ProJo, Joey Lakeside. With Lakeside now in the tag match and Jack Jameson being injured working for DGUSA in New Orleans this past weekend, Pastor William Eavor will now face Eddie Dennis and Josh Bodom in a triple threat match.

The biggest announcement from Progress this week saw them announce that Prince Devitt will debut at Chapter 13 and his opponent will be announced this Monday at 19.30.

IPW:UK will be Live in Tonbridge on the 20th April and this week they announced that Will Ospreay will face Earl Jonathan Windsor, The London Riots & Darrell Allen will take on The Southern Alliance (RJ Singh, Stixx & JC Thunder) and in a re-match of huge proportions The Coffey Brothers will do battle with The Dangerous Bastards(Danny Garnell & Dave Mastiff).

Pro Evolution Wrestling were Live in Cheltenham last night with a 5 match card. Gilligan Gordon and Sam Beech beat The Hunter Brothers and The Alpha Males, who beat the West Midlands Wrecking Crew, to become the number one contenders for the tag team titles. Chardonnay beat Nixon in ladies action and Justin Sysum retained his his title against Dave Mastiff.

Fight Club: Pro announced that Flips & Forearms(Pete Dunne & Mark Andrews) will face the young pairing of Tyler Bate and Dan Maloney.

Charlie Rage’s Wrestleforce are in Barking this evening and announced several matches for the show this past week. In the Semi-Final of the tag team tournament the Lord’s of the Ring face The Whizzkids. Josh Faulkner will take on Peace in singles action, the International Title will be on the line as The Commando defends against Mason Rees and Morning Star Sirius(Sha Samuels) takes on The Rage.

Herts & Essex Wrestling announced several names for their Gillingham show on June 1st. Jynx, James Mason, Amazon, Devils Playboys, Dominator and returning from a 10 year hiatus home town hero Devil Man.

World Association of Wrestling made announcements for their upcoming shows in Cmabridge and Great Yarmouth on the 19th and 20th April. In Cambridge The Hooligans will face Hot’n'Sexy, Cambridge’s Peter Nixon faces Joey Osborne and another Cambridge native Penelope will battle RQW European Ladies champion Sammi Baynes

DOA Wrestling ran their March-Mania show last weekend in March, Cambridgeshire. Battle Squad: Awesome beat Richard Parliament & The Mighty Zhukov, Addy Starr beat Chanel, ‘The Bulldog’ Scott Fusion won against ‘The Viking’ Rexx Wylde, Enchilados beat Kenny Mac, Kip Sabin and new tag partner Peter Nixon won the DOA tag titles, which Sabin had to vacate as partner Brad Slayer had knee surgery, against Furio & the Norweigen Villman and Jonny Storm beat LJ Heron to reach the final of the Adrenaline Cup. DOA also announced that The Hunter Brothers will be debuting at Golden Chance on August 2nd in March, Cambs.

And last but certainly not least on the UK front, Great Bear Promotions announced their first match for 10,000 Horses Can’t Be Wrong. Pete Dunne will face Dean Allmark in a Jr Heavyweight Cup qualifier.

Further afield, it was a big week for Norwich born Paige in the WWE. Not only did she debut on Monday night Raw this past week, but she won the Diva’s title off AJ Lee and became the youngest Diva’s champion in WWE history.

That’s it for our first round up which we hope you have enjoyed… see you next week for more news and results!!

Apr 02

BritWres Chat Episode 59 – MORE PreRecorded Bollocks

BWCBritish Wrestling Radio 24 Hour Callum Murray Charity Show - http://bwrradio.com/


Mar 26

BritWres Chat Episode 58 – Pre-Recorded Bollocks


Mar 19

BritWres Chat Episode 57 – Whoops, We Got In The Delorian

BWCThis week Paul is back and we jump back to the previous weekend where he tells us about his 4 shows in 3 days with FCP & Southside.  We are then joined by Charman and we chat about Imports in British Wrestling.  Charman then tells us about Storm Troopers and more from the weekens Rev Pro goodness.

Mar 17

BWC Presents Outside The Ropes Episode 1 – Middlesbrough Milk Rollers

Something a little bit different today.  Philip is sitting down with Gunpowder Dot, one of the members of local Roller Derby Team, Middlesbrough Milk Rollers. We talk about Roller Derby, MMR and the upcoming bout with London Roller Girls.

Mar 14

Supermen: A story of British Wrestlers documentary review by Dave Bodymore

Throughout the 60s, 70s and 80s British Wrestling was a leader in the world wrestling market, producing some of the best wrestlers in the world. Over the years the American style has taken over and this has turned what was once a thriving industry into a niche market. But this has not stopped plenty of men and women wanting to follow in the footsteps of the World of Sport greats and live their wrestling dream.

In a country with an estimated population of around 65 million people most will be destined to live a 9-5 existence but for some this lifestyle just does not satisfy them. Those men and women will detour from this path to follow a dream, that for most is out of reach. But what is it that drives these people towards their dreams? Supermen: A Story of British Wrestlers looks at those who have done so to varying degrees of success and gets their opinions on a multitude of topics.

For all wrestlers the ultimate goal is to reach the WWE, which is currently the pinnacle of the wrestling industry, but what does it take to get there and what drives those that are trying to get there? Supermen, filmed throughout 2012, gets the opinions of British wrestlers ranging from 17 years old to over 60 and looks at topics like injuries, sacrifices and the wrestling business itself.

The diverse set of wrestlers interviewed, including names like Fit Finlay, Dave Taylor and Robby Brookside, means that there are some extremely interesting and thought provoking opinions offered throughout the film.

As well as the interview footage, which covers many locations, the directors have also woven in footage of matches that help back the points being raised. There is also an interesting scene that was not too far from one in the the film ‘The Wrestler’ as we see two promoters making their way around a hardware store inspecting different objects and trying to find weapons for their upcoming show.

For anyone involved with or interested in British Wrestling, director Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou has produced a must see documentary that definitely makes you question the current position of British wrestling, gives you insight into how tough you had to be to succeed in the World of Sport era and hopefully will increase the amount of respect you have for the hard working wrestlers that give their all for our entertainment.

Supermen will be officially released in early April, with the actual date being announced during the week commencing March 17th, and will be available for free through the official website, www.supermenfilm.co.uk. If you enjoy the documentary, and I am sure you will, then you will be able to ‘tip’ money through paypal. By tipping £5.00 you will get yourself a physical copy of the standard edition DVD, released in May. If you tip £10.00 then you will receive the Collector’s Edition which, as well as the full documentary. will include full interviews with Rockstar Spud and Dave ‘Fit’ Finlay. Donating an extra £2.50 on either option gets you the Blu Ray instead of the DVD.

So my overall thoughts on Supermen? This is a documentary that I have been extremely excited for since I first heard about it last year and they have certainly managed to meet my expectations, with some fantastic interviews with some of the best wrestlers in the UK right now and some fantastic footage included. There are times where you are unsure what the wrestlers are talking about but this by no means ruins the experience and I would wholeheartedly recommend this to any wrestling fan wanting to gain a better understanding of what the guys ad girls give up to entertain us.

For more information you can go to www.supermenfilm.co.uk or follow them on Twitter @SupermenFilm.

Mar 12

BritWres Chat Episode 56 – A Hot Box Full Of Rev Pro Goodness

BWCThis week we are joined by Referee Chris ‘HotBox’ Roberts who runs us through the upcoming Rev Pro weekender.  We also chat briefly about Insane Fight Club, the results from last weekend and the upcoming shows this weekend.

Mar 12

IPW:UK Zack vs Hero DVD review by Dave Bodymore

IPW:UK’s latest DVD release see’s them debut at The Angel Centre in Tonbridge Wells with all 3 titles on the line and 2 huge International Singles matches.

The show opens with the All England tite on the line as the champion, and Peter Pan of British Wrestling, Jonny Storm defends his gold against Mark Haskins and Marty Scurll. With all three men having earnt themselves excellent reputations around the UK it seemed a safe bet that this would be an excellent opener to the show and we are not disappointed. Whilst quite even in the early goings, Haskins and Scurll quickly manage to remove Storm from the ring and keep him out quite successfully for a large portion of the match. Whilst initially looking like this could prevent Storm from retaining he manages to turn it to his advantage and retain his title after hitting the Wonderwhirl on Scurll.

In the second contest of the evening Kris Travis and Rampage Brown fight it out for a place in semi-final of the British National Championship. Strangely Brown, who is your archetypal heel, was the face in this contest but Rampage shows just how good a performer he is as he naturally plays the good guy against the comedy heels of Kris Travis and his manager for the night and tag team partner Martin Kirby. After trying, and failing, to knock Brown down Travis takes the advice of Kirby who says that he has seen the Discovery channel and bears can’t see you so you need to play dead. Brown, full of sarcasm, walks round the ring saying “Oh No, Where did he go?”

Further antics, including an attempt at a swap which involved Martin Kirby with a mop on his head, were not enough and the larger Brown picked up the win and advanced in the British National Championship by hitting a running powerslam.

Earl Jonathan Windsor came to the ring following this match to hold his inaugural ‘Earl’s Court’ segment. He smugly tells the crowd that 2013 was somewhat of a breakout year for him and that he has long been the future of IPW:UK. However, he believes that he is no longer the future and is now the present for IPW:UK and that 2014 will be the year he wins the All England and World title’s as no one is better than him.

Danny Garnell, a former world champion himself, was unwilling to listen to this any longer and comes to the ring and, despite only recently healing up from back and knee injuries, challenges Windsor to a match. Initially, Windsor refuses to fight but after jumping Garnell he decides that it is his perogative to change his mind and accepts the challenge issued by Garnell. Despite all his dirty tricks and shortcuts Earl Jonathan Windsor could not over power Garnell, who earnt himself the win with a DDT.

The first of the nights two International Singles matches is next as Dave Mastiff battles wrestling’s favourite Irishman Prince Devitt, who is complete with what is swiftly becoming his trademark bodyart. It is very rare that you see any competitor match Mastiff for power and strikes but, despite his much slighter form, Devitt does exactly that. The two men battled back and forth in a very even contest and even a brainbuster and two double footstomps were not enough to keep Mastiff down as he beat Devitt with his monstrous cannonball in the

It was then the turn of new World champion and IPW:UK fan favourite Paul Robinson to come to the ring and address the crowd and announce his first title defence. Robinson said that holding that title has been a dream since his debut 9 years earlier and that his first defence would be against SWA Heavyweight champion Damien O’Connor at the next IPW:UK show. This did not sit well with The Mexican Eagle, who came to the ring to make his feelings known. However he wasn’t allowed to be his usual chirpy self, as Robinson said he knew how this worked and, whilst taking off his normal clothes to reveal his wrestling gear, issued a challenge to himself from The Mexican Eagle, which he then accepted.

The Mexican Eagle tried his best to end the reign of Robinson before it had really had an opportunity to begin but Paul was succesful in his first title defence, retaining his title by hitting his awesome Shooting Star Press.

In the penultimate match of the night the final title match took place as the Bhangra Knights defended against long time rivals The London Riots, in a no disqualification, bat match. As tends to be the case when these two tandems face off, the match quickly spilled to the outside. Whilst many would expect this to be the perfect environment for Lynch and Davis to excel, Singh and Allen were certainly not fazed and took the fight to the Riots. But a turn of events that no one in the crowd saw coming ensured victory for Lynch and Davis, as Darrell Allen dropkicked RJ Singh instead of hitting their Bhangra Buster finisher and allowing the London Riots to hit a double team powerbomb and become the new IPW:UK tag team champions.

The Main event saw the second of the night’s International singles matches take place as former WWE developmental star and world traveller Chris Hero faced England’s greatest export in recent years Zack Sabre Jr. For many the old technical style does not fit into a modern day show but Hero and Zack showed how this style can be done in a modern way to captivate the audience and show the true art of professional wrestling. As both men went hold for hold and produced some fantastic reversals the crowd clapped as if they were straight out of the World of Sport era or transported from a Japanese arena. Zack Sabre Jr was the winner at the end of an excellent encounter, winning with a truly savage looking arm bar.

When this DVD finishes you can’t help but be pleased with your  purchase as the show itself offers a great mix of matches and wrestling and the quality of the DVD production quality does not leave the bad taste that some can. The overall feel could be enhanced by the addition of commentators, but this is a very minor thing in the grand scheme and one that I am sure IPW:UK will have already considered.

You can purchase the DVD from www.ipwuk.com/shop for £12.99.

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